Street Fighter V’s Exclusivity Is Far From A Bad Thing

Street Fighter V’s Exclusivity Is Far From A Bad Thing

The recent news that Street Fighter V will be a PS4/PC exclusive has left some feeling a bit..frustrated. The frustration seemingly coming from how the reveal came out of no where. It’s a surprising move given Capcom seemed to be in the Microsoft camp given the exclusive release of Dead Rising 3. Like It or not, Street Fighter V is a massive feather in Sony’s cap, but it’s not all doom and gloom for those invested into one system.

The reaction to Street Fighter V, or least some of it, would lead you to believe the Xbox One has no fighters…which is far from the truth. The Xbox One boasts one of the best exclusives on the market in the shape of Killer Instinct. While the brand power of Killer Instinct may not be as relevant as Street Fighter, the quality is still there. Killer Instinct offers a unique fighting experience, there isn’t anything truly like it on the market, bar the originals.


It’s disappointing that such a great game has seemingly been forgotten. There’s a slight hope that the hype around Street Fighter V will indirectly shed a little light back on the mega combo fighter. There’s questions over just how exclusive Street Fighter V is. With Capcom known for releasing various editions of pretty much every Street Fighter. it’s not yet clear if future (for examples sake let’s say Super Street Fighter V) versions would be tied down to the PS4/PC.

The exclusivity of Street Fighter V make sense, especially for Capcom. The growth of the PS4 player base, combined with Sony’s strong presence in the Asian market, make the deal a smart move for a struggling Capcom. With Sony partly funding the game, the pressure to perform is taken off Capcom slightly. Perks like cross-platform play (as seen with the likes of Final Fantasy 14) would also, at leas you’d suspect, be another reason why Capcom and Sony have teamed up.


It’s hardly a deal made in spite that some corners of the community are trying to suggest, far from it. A solid business decision that allows Capcom to carry on without worrying (too much) about their struggles of late. It’s a slick move by Sony, and perhaps a ploy become the system of choice for Fighting game events such as Evo, that gives the PS4 extra appeal. ‘For The Players’, the current ethos of Sony, Street Fighter V fits into that ethos perfectly, and potentially opens up opportunities for plenty of tournaments and events.

As for Street Fighter V it’s self, the gameplay trailer looks utterly fantastic. The sheer vibrancy on screen gives of a genuine sense of progression and evolution. It’s hard to judge a game based off 1 minute and 29 seconds of footage, but by god did Capcom mange to craft a trailer that got the hype train rolling. It’ll be interesting to see what Street Fighter V ships with. Hopefully none of Capcom’s shady practices of on disc DLC will rear it’s ugly head. With the streaming capability of the PS4, it’s fair the expect a fully fledged spectator mode, making the game perfect for day one community based tournaments.

Details will trustingly follow once the dust settles, but the hype has undoubtedly started, and Sony adds another big game to their arsenal.



Sean Halliday


  1. Dr.Ghettoblaster
    December 10, 2014, 1:25 am

    History MAY be repeating itself here. Let’s not forget, when SF2 first came out on home consoles during the 16-bit wars it was exclusive to SNES. It wasn’t until the future Championship, etc editions were released that it then came out on Sega Genesis. They COULD be planning a similar strategy – to build up such a fervor for an XB1 version that fans snap it up immediately and propel it to the top of the charts for the platform, possibly even surpassing the PS4 version. Capcom benefits from Sony’s deal NOW – PLUS they benefit from the huge XB1 release in the future. Big win-win. Just some food for thought on the matter….

  2. Cavortacks
    December 10, 2014, 3:24 pm

    I’ve been giving this a bit of thought and if you really think about it, I believe this may be the most significant Gaming related thing that PlayStation has done this generation. (well aside from E3 2013)

    Consider the fighting game community. While not as big as the something like the FPS community, it has an incredibly dedicated fanbase and brings in people who will typically play for years and years. These are exactly the type of people you want on your console, people who will be constantly using it.

    By getting Street Fighter V as a console exclusive, Sony has essentially ensured the entire current generation fighting game community will be gaming on PlayStation. Not only have the ensured that this game will sell on their console only, they have also ensured a constant revenue stream of people who will pay for PS+ and hundreds on pieces of content but most importantly, they have ensured that all mutiplat fighting games for the rest of the generation will always sell better on PlayStation, mark my words, Every. Single. One. Effectively about 2 million people will likely buy a PS4 simply over this title and Sony has essentially gauraenteed them to be customers for the rest of the generation.

    What this comes down to, is that I would argue that this might be the single most important maneuver made this generation so far, even more than something like TitanFall being exclusive to Xbox and PC.

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