Steam’s Current Sale Boasts Some Brilliance

Steam’s Current Sale Boasts Some Brilliance

Steam’s weekly sales are pretty damn good, if not a little weird.


D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is the bizarre former Xbox One exclusive that used the Kinect as it’s desired form of controller. If that’s not weird enough, the game is genuinely bizarre. You’ll laugh, you’ll look in sheer confusion, but you will enjoy this curious point and click cult hit. Best of all, it’s only £3.62.

Party Hard is up for £4.99, a must play for that price. Enter a party, kill everyone, don’t get caught. The concept is simple, the execution is brilliant. There’s a few annoyances here and there, but overall Party Hard is a brilliant little strategy title with a kick ass soundtrack.

Ever wanted to Mount Your Friends? Not as in full mount into side control, but fully mount them? For a mere £1.99 you can mount your friends as much as you want. It’s silly, but all sorts of fun.

Odasllus: The Dark Call is the NES-inspired game that everyone forgot to talk about. While Shovel Knight and Volgar may get more attention, Odasllus still drips quality. The whole game is one big beautiful homage to NES side scrollers and platformers, tied together with some truly kick ass music. For £5.49, you have to pick this up.

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