Steam Weeklong Sale Includes A Underrated Gem & Kolas

Steam Weeklong Sale Includes A Underrated Gem & Kolas

The Steam week long days are here and there’s a few gems to be had.


TimeShift – £2.49

TimeShift flew under the radars of many people since its 2007 release. It may not look all that great, but the gameplay mechanics are still fresh. Using various methods of time control (rewind, pausing and fast forwarding) players are tasked with shooting up enemies and tackles puzzles. The story is pretty much B-Movie cheese, but the overall experience is still hugely enjoyable. Steam currently has TimeShift up for a mere £2.49 which is a great deal for 8 so hours of some creative shooting.


Galactic Civilizations 2 – £3.74

There’s a whole host of options at the core of this classic. No two play through will be exactly the same, and that’s why it’s so much fun. Choosing your path to victory is genuinely interesting, debating the perks of military dominance over cultural progression is oddly satisfying. It’s the little things that give Galactic Civilizations 2 a sense of character. Things like chatting with aliens or build ships can consume player’s focus. For less than £4, there’s literally hundreds of hours worth of content to play with here.


Koala Kids – 49p

It’s cute and cuddly, but wonderfully crafted. Basic platforming done well is always fun, and that’s exactly what is on offer here. With co-op and level builders, Koala Kids is a lot more than you’d expect. 49P is a fantastic price, even more so if you’re looking for a sweet little game for the whole family to enjoy.


Decay: The Mare – £1.19

The Decay franchise can be traced all the way back to the ill fated Xbox Line Indie Games section. Before the boom in point and click horror, Decay was already there doing its thing. Fast forward a few more year and the franchise has improved tenfold. Decay: The Mare is short but effective, much like it has always been. The puzzles aren’t too taxing, nor are they mind numbingly simple. Horror comes in the form of the crafty use of audio and mystery. The plot is hidden beneath layers of question and suggestions, but it works well. For £1.19, there’s plenty to enjoy…as long as you don’t mind a veiled plot.





Sean Halliday

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