Steam Midweek Sale Includes Two of 2015′s Best Games

Steam Midweek Sale Includes Two of 2015′s Best Games

Steam’s midweek sales are packing some serious punch.


Black Mesa is the stand out tittle, costing only £7.49. It may be a fan made remake of Half-life, but its quality is undeniable. There’s a few changes made from the original, but they only enhance the experience. Half Life Source was a rather lacklustre, Black Mesa shows how it’s done.

Word of warning, the final Zen stages have not been finished yet, but for £7.49 its still worth buying.

Everything Games Workshop is also part of the midweek sale. From Dawn of War to Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, it’s all on sale. Highlights include the underrated Space Marine, End Times: Vermintide and Mordheim.

Vermintide, for £18.39, is a utter steal. It’s the closet you can get to a follow up to Left 4 Dead. Awesome co-op, top notch gameplay and intense action. One of 2015′s best titles, even if it did manage to fly under the radar.



Sean Halliday

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