Steam Greenlight: The Good, Bad And The WTF?

Steam Greenlight: The Good, Bad And The WTF?

Greenlight is a boiling pot of ideas. Some titles have genuine promise, others haven’t got a hope. The service is bizarre these days, but there it’s still worth checking out. The following is a list of three games that show Greenlight at its best,worst and WTF?

The Good: Children of Zodiarcs

With the promise of story-drive, single-player tactical JRPG elements how could you not be interested? Children of Zodiarcs has a lot of promise. All the signs are positive, even more so with the Greenlight page. Screenshots, gameplay footage and tons of detail. This feel like a genuine game, which is a rare thing on Greenlight.

The mix of tactical mechanics and dice rolls gives it the table top touch. Card decks affect dice rolls, and with customizable decks, the options are plentiful. Children of Zodiarcs is promising, but ambitious. A Professional pitch inspires confidence, fingers crossed it all works out.

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The Ugly: Damage – Sadistic Butchering of Humanity

Everyone remembers Hatred…right?

Last year spawned a little storm of outrage in the shape of Hatred. Many condemned the violence without context, others mocked its angst ridden nature. Money was made, outrage was had, Hatred certainly existed. Damage is following in Hatreds footsteps.

The goal is to simply kill everyone. No frills or fancy dressing, just kill em all. Plenty of violence, with the odd bit of drug use, you can already smell the outrage.

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WTF? : Tran’s Gladiator

Originally called ‘Tranny Gladiator’, the creator wanted a reaction. They got their reaction, and then played sly. Its Greenlight page was reworded, titled included, and apologies issued. Now disguising itself as ‘the words first EVER! Tran’s game’ the game has continued to come under fire.

The WTF of this is the fact someone thought this was passable. Regardless of where you stand, this was a stupid submission. Trying to break into the industry in such a tasteless way is not the best idea. Going back and pretending your intentions were pure, that speaks volumes. WTF where they thinking?




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