Steam Greenlight Hits A New Low By Featuring ISIS Execution Footage

Steam Greenlight Hits A New Low By Featuring ISIS Execution Footage

*The actual footage DOES NOT FEATURE the actual beheading. The footage used is just before the actual beheading of Steve Sotloff*

As someone who has both criticised and praised Greenlight, the latest turd to hit the service has changed everything.

Green Light is now providing a platform to a game which mocks those executed by ISIS. Jihadi Jane is a simple game with one goal, kill Islamic extremists. Jumping from platform to platform in order to kill terrorists, Jihadi Jane sounds innocent enough. The problem comes in the shape of the game’s trailer.

Using actual footage from one of the infamous ISIS executions, Jihadi Jane blares out the Nu-Metal track ‘Let The Bodies Hit The Floor. It goes without saying that this should be no where near Steam Greenlight. The tone of the game and it’s constant use of ‘Allah Akbar’ is questionable enough, but mocking actual victims of terrorism?

I’m not a prude, far from it. This is too far, it has no place on a service ran by search a key industry figure. It’s clear the creator wanted to generate cheap outrage and exposure. When Youtubers such as Jim Sterling cover it, the exposure will be achieved. The real question is, how the hell did it ever get on the service?

Greenlight is full of junk games, resulting in the service being questioned a number of times. How low is the bar of entry set? Where is the moderation? Both questions have been asked by many people. Jihadi Jane’s presence on Greenlight will surely open up the discussion once again.


It’s a genuine shame the creator has went for such cheap shock tactics. Making a oke of an innocent man’s beheading is low. Putting it into your game’s promotional material is inexcusable. Without the trailer, Jihadi Jane looks like a low brow slice of questionable outrage. That’s the main focus here, without that trailer it’s questionable at best. The trailer removes any shroud of doubt however, it’s just a vile pitch.

This should be the point where Valve take more responsibility for what appears on Greenlight.


As for the creator of the game, how cold hearted can one person possibly be?


Sean Halliday

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