Steam Greenlight’s Garbage Needs Addressing

Steam Greenlight’s Garbage Needs Addressing

Steam Greenlight needs to be stopped…or at least fixed. For a fairly long period of time, Steam was held in high regard. It’s seal of approval meant something, to both creator and consumer. Steam Grenlight has tarnished the Steam name, and things aren’t getting much better.

It’s not that there’s no Greenlight success stories, far from it in fact. The recent release of Sluggerfish’s Ben and Ed is a great example of Greenlights positive impact. UnderRail is another good example,impressing RPG fans and storming the charts. Greenlight has a place, but it’s under siege.

MLG Simulator is what happens when you mix Youtuber obsessed pre-teens with shite meme based humour. It’s not a game, it’s a cry for attention, Youtube bait to the extreme. Everyone who laid eyes on it knows this. I came across the title on my nightly browse of Greenlight. A week later I’m still shocked it was even allowed on Greenlight at all. It’s a new low for the service, cheapening everything else around it.

The end of 2015 has seen the largest intake of sheer trash hit Greenlight. Games with no footage, no screenshots or even a description. Barely coherent titles, comprised of nothing but Youtube fodder, it’s a utter mess. American Chilly Video Game is another prime example of such things. These entries are no games, they have no place on Greenlight, or another service.

We need some form of quality control, the inmates are running riot. It’s disheartening that ironic vote ups are often pushing trash onto the store front. Greenlight is not working as intended, it can’t be. No one is expecting top quality submissions day in day out. Greenlight was a platform for potential to be showcased and supported. In it’s current state, it’s a platform hijacked by attention seekers, while the good stuff struggles to gain attention.

If Valve aren’t prepared to effectively moderate Greenlight, perhaps it’s up to us, the consumer. Steam isn’t just a service to buy and play games, it’s much more than that. It’s the nearest thing we have to a social network for video games enthusiasts. Greenlight represents the first few steps into the industry for many indie developers. As video game enthusiasts, we shouldn’t be hindering them, we should help them.

Call out the bullshit submissions, refrain from ironic up votes, support the good stuff. Valve might not care about Greenlight anymore, but we should. Papers Please, Battlewords: Kronos, Ben and Ed, Door Kickers, all have origins from Greenlight. When the service is put to good use, great things can happen.



Sean Halliday

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