Star Wars Battlefront – Review

People were excited to hear that we were getting another Battlefront game, as was I in a sense (even though I was sort of bored with previous titles) And because of that I have strong feelings of split opinions. Some people will love the game, and no doubt people will be disappointed with the title. Let’s dive into my review, and let’s go on this journey together.

Some people would describe this game as a “reboot” of the old Battlefront series of games, which were some of the most fun shooters you could sit down and play with some buddies. Sadly, moving into this iteration of the franchise, a lot seems to be missing that made those games great, and well…enjoyable. Now, don’t get me wrong there’s some good little things inside this game, but mostly I was faced with stuff that disappointed me to no end, or captured my attention for an hour or two, so at least there’s a small amount of fun to be inside.

First off, we seem to have a severe lack of content for a $70 game (that’s the price here in Canada, so). From my time spent with the game, and I’ve sunk a good 8 hours into it at this point, we seem to have an extreme lack of maps. Now, from what I could tell we have some pretty large maps that seem to have been “mined” and split into chunks through-out each game mode. Sure, you’ve got the titans like Hoth, and Endor but everything else isn’t that interesting and just feels like a lazy attempt to push the game out quicker. In these smaller game-modes it seems like they took sections from the larger maps, and re-purposed assets and locations. It just feels lazy, and lacks variety seeing the same environments over, and over. It’s really confusing that we don’t have more locations like the Death Star, Dagobah, etc. Then again, the overpriced Season Pass comes with 16 maps, so it’s no surprise we’re lacking maps in the core game. Feels kind of like a way to force people into buying it, which isn’t cool.

Then we have the weapons, which there seems to be an alright amount, but they all sort of feel the same, and don’t offer much variety in terms of gameplay. Back in the older Battlefront titles you’d play as specific classes, and that worked so much better than these silly “Cards” that we equip to our character. It just doesn’t jive all that well, and just leaves a lot to be desired at the end of the day. Now, people can argue that there was a lack of weapons in the original games, which is fairly true, but I have a feeling that if they kept the class system that we all enjoyed then maybe the combat, and everything else would actually be fun.

Which drives me into the next segment of the game, and the fact that it doesn’t handle that well. There’s a lot of jank in this game, and the guns don’t feel that great, and it’s just really repetitive. The movement system is fine and dandy but there’s a lot of issues here with the shooting mechanics, and over-all gameplay. Most of the modes in the game aren’t that fulfilling, save for Heroes vs Villains which soon became the only mode I’d play when I’d boot up the game. Even then, the mode would only hold my attention for an hour at max, due to my earlier complaints about lack of levels, and gameplay variety. Hell, there’s a superb lack of heroes in this game as well. The Villains get Darth Vader, The Emperor, and Boba Fett where as the Heroes get Luke Skywalker, Leia, and Han Solo. I was sort of let down that we didn’t get to see other characters hop into the fray like Chewbacca.

The other modes are your typical “Battlefield” fare, considering this is by the same developers (DICE). At the end of the day it feels like a lazy attempt on doing a Star Wars reskin on a subpar Battlefield game. The only other mode I saw myself enjoy for small spurts was Fighter Squadron which is just a small-scale fightership battle over the same handful of levels. Yeah, Space battles are completely gone which is just a shame as those were some of the best moments in the old games.

Again, moving on to another thing that seems to be lacking is vehicles. You’d come to expect some pretty insane vehicular combat in a Battlefront, and even a Battlefield game, but we don’t really get that either. Vehicles are no longer scattered around the maps for anyone to find and drive, you’ll have to resort to finding these “tokens” which spawn you as a vehicle, so there’s no getting out if you’re in danger, and there’s no driving around with buddies as a tag-team, which is equally confusing for the Snowspeeders since that was one of their primary purposes in the film. It doesn’t make sense, and feels like a huge step backwards.

Now, I’m probably annoying you readers with the constant “lacking this” and “lacking that” but it’s true. There’s not even a true singleplayer experience here. Now, atleast in the old games we had some form of a Campaign, or solo experience but here it just feels like something that was thrown in last minute. You have these missions that you can play that usually consist of wiping out hordes of enemies, or completely small objectives, and these little missions last between 5-10 minutes. There’s not much meat to them, and most of them feel really dry, and copy/pasted. You can even tell that these missions were meant to played cooperatively with a friend as they all have that option, and they’re just god-awfully boring to do solo. There’s not much joy in these.

My buddy and I are huge “Survival” fans and we love taking on waves of enemies, but we just found ourselves more bored, and tired after five minutes than anything with the Survival Missions.

Now, as I mentioned there’s some nice little things tucked away into Battlefront. First, and foremost the game looks gorgeous, and really captures the environments from the films exceptionally well. Running around Endor and Hoth is sure to put a grin on any Star Wars fan’s face. Out of all of the environments in the game, Endor may just be the most beautiful looking environment I’ve seen in a game for a long time, so that’s saying something.

Along with the beautiful visuals, we have spectacular sound design, and music. The blasters sound brilliant, and hearing the explosions, and sounds of Tie Fighter’s soaring overhead can really put you into the universe we have here, and for some people that may just be enough to dive in, and check the game out.

Star Wars: Battlefront just left me kind of…underwhelmed and wanting more. For a game with this kind of price-tag, the fans deserve content, and Battlefront just seems to be lacking on all accounts. It feels like a huge step backwards from the previous games, and most of the time it just isn’t fun after about an hour. You’ve got about two enjoyable game-modes out of around 10 or so (I can’t recall from the top of my head) and even then they lose their appeal fairly quickly, and found myself going off to do something else. However, the sound design and visuals are some of the best I’ve seen/heard in a game this year, and for that alone I’m sure it will be worth the price of admission for some of you.

As a massive Star Wars fan, I was really hoping for something great here, but instead was left with a sour-taste in my mouth. However, if you ever find yourself looking at a copy of the game for $20-30 then it’s totally worth that price, but right now I just can’t recommend it, (especially with the announcement of the fucked up Season Pass scenario) unless you somehow find it under your Christmas tree. That’s okay too.

In the end, Battlefront is all style, and no substance.


Justin Ross


  1. DarthDiggler
    November 16, 2015, 11:15 pm

    Given that both the XB1 and PS4 have the ability to share screenshots and video, your review here is kind of looking like you didn’t play the game. All of your screen shots are EA assets.

    Or this site is incredibly lazy with reviews.

    • Justin Ross
      November 17, 2015, 12:55 am

      I played the game, 10 hours in-fact. And of course they’re EA assets, you know, screenshots that generally come bundled with press releases.

      I’m sorry that my review upset you.

      • Mike
        November 17, 2015, 2:10 am

        You suck hihihihihi

      • Josh Dobbs
        November 17, 2015, 4:40 am

        Game does suck, I agree. Played at a friends house and he said he regretted it.

      • DarthDiggler
        November 17, 2015, 5:50 pm

        @Justin Boss

        Who said I was upset? I feel bad for you that this was published. If I was your Editor in Chief, I would have not. You really didn’t do a very good job actually reviewing this game. Also you say in your comments you spent 10 hours but the review says you spent 8 hours. You are already establishing that you have issues with the truth. :)

        With all due respect Justin — either this review is completely fabricated or this is one of the laziest reviews I have ever seen. As I already pointed out with this generation of consoles there is absolutely no excuse NOT to have unique Screen Shots and Videos. You didn’t even bother to host your own screenshots you are delivering content views to competitors. How much lazier can you get man?

        The review itself reads like someone who played the beta didn’t like it and decided during the beta the game was getting a bad review. What makes me think that? You have an utter lack of details about the game. You speak about the maps you never mention how many maps are included nor the names. You mention the guns with no indication of how many you get nor any mention about any specific gun. Vehicles is another area you completely gloss over, not offering any specifics about how many and what type of vehicles.

        Funny you know exactly how many maps you get with the season pass. LOL You seemed to miss out on the fact that the DLC maps will include new heroes and villains. So there is still hope for playing Chewbacca.

        Talk is cheap. For one this review is minimal, you hardly cover the game within the text and did even bother to capture a video or a screenshot. With today’s consoles that is JUST PLAIN LAZY!!! Absolutely NO EXCUSES!!! You didn’t mention how many maps were included on the disc, no mention of the different game modes, no exposition of those game modes.

        When I did reviews I bought myself an HD capture device so I could add value to my content with unique screenshots and videos. I completed every single player game I reviewed and I would spend at least 15-20 hours in multiplayer or more if the game was exclusively multiplayer.

        If this is an example of your typical effort perhaps writing for a game website isn’t your cup of tea. I really don’t mean that as an insult, but this is a very crowded market and this kind of content will not make you competitive.

        • Anthony
          November 17, 2015, 8:29 pm


          What’s even funnier is Justin Ross’s other “reviews” and posts. He actually has two recent “reviews” about “Friday the 13th: The Game”.

          Read these. It is comical.

          Keep in mind this is a KICKSTARTER funded game and he goes into more detail about a game that MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT EVER FINISH.

          Kickstarter games should never be reviewed. They are constantly changing, and constantly being funded. Some kickstarter games just never get finished, no matter how good they look.

          Not only that, but this specific game is only “finished” if it reaches its $700k “goal”, after that goal there are other “features” that “may” be added if they are given MORE MONEY.

          What an awful website and writer to give a AAA game a 4.5 out of 10 with barely any reason as to why he gave it such a LOW score.

          And then a game that is is NOT finished, not released, and is still in DEVELOPMENT this writer is so happy to write all about how great this KICKSTARTER game is.

          Totally unacceptable.

  2. hvd2222
    November 16, 2015, 11:34 pm

    ea and dice have gone down hill since after bf4.hardline fail,sw battlefront,fail they should have done bf 5 thats what im wating for.i mite pick this up on a steam sale or something like that.they need to get bf 5 out would have done way better.

  3. steve
    November 17, 2015, 12:13 am


    This is exactly the kind of reviews and scores all these NO-SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN games should be getting. ALL GAMES.

    after 2 years, studios aren’t shy anymore, regarding not releasing a SP campaign, yet still charging full price for their multi-player -only games.

    and worse, they even dare asking almost the price of a full game, as a season pass.

    what a shame, really.

    all the websites should be making the same reviews with the same low scores.
    how can the press still praise and give perfect 9.5/10 scores to yearly games like assassin creed or call of duty, when these games are barely a huge copy -paste from the previous version?

    *the graphics are cool, the main character is a badass powerful American soldier/marine, so, it deserves a 10/10*


    And let me guess : battlefront also comes with micro transactions?

    For a game without a story, that basically only takes a few maps, characters, weapons, and that’s all, 40 bucks would already be OK for the 24 maps: hey, even a junior designer can create a full map with the editor, in one week.

    but no. For 60 bucks, there are only a few maps and modes, and that’s all.
    Everything is done so the gamer will desperately be forced to buy new content for his game.. via the season pass.


    I hope the game sells really bad, and everybody will buy fallout 4, instead.

    • Justin Ross
      November 17, 2015, 12:55 am

      I’m glad you agree with the review. I seem to have angered a lot of Star Wars fanboys :)

  4. XX
    November 17, 2015, 1:04 am

    Really spot on review, the lack of content is such a sore blemish on the game that’s further amplified by the shitty season pass.

    It doesn’t feel like a good Battlefront game, it barely even plays like a Battlefield game (which I would’ve warmly welcomed over the final product), its a Star Wars themed fireworks show that loses its appeal a few hours in

  5. Nick
    November 17, 2015, 3:21 am

    Website created in Oct 2013 and I’ve never heard of you guys. I suppose posting this score will get you a few more hits.

    Good luck and happy two year anniversary

  6. XXX
    November 17, 2015, 3:35 am

    4.5 out of 10? Laughable. And who takes a profile picture like that? No humility.

  7. objective star wars hater
    November 17, 2015, 4:39 am

    Fair enough on the review, but that bow tie selfie!?

  8. Kenny
    November 17, 2015, 6:20 am

    Not sure why everyone is slamming this dude…honest review so what more do you want? If the games sucks…oh well…just because it has Star Wars in the name doesn’t mean it automatically deserves a high review score….thank you to the dude who reviewed it for saving me some cash…I will go buy something different and wait for this to go on sale. Also have watched this game being played on Twitch and it does in fact look pretty blah with very little content… for all the fan boys out there…go try…key word TRY and get laid and leave this poor dude alone.

  9. Cy
    November 17, 2015, 6:23 am

    This is pretty much what I expected from playing the beta. It seemed cool at first, but after a while it just got soulless and repetitive. It looks nice and the audio is pretty amazing, but no single player? No Galactic Conquest? (which was by far my favorite mode, both because it was fun and it’s the only time in the history of our 8 year relationship that I actually got my BF to sit down and enjoy playing a strategy game with me) Only Six heroes? Very disappointing, especially for a lifelong Star Wars who has to see his beloved series constantly being run into the ground by people who have no idea how to handle the property. I’ll definitely be giving this a skip until it turns up in the Vault on EA Access in a year or two. Maybe they’ll even be a few people still playing.

    Side Note: Also, really, crapping on the guy’s profile picture? Pretty lame. His appearance has nothing to do with his ability to write a review. Hate the review all you want, leave the childish personal insults in your middle school where they belong.

  10. None
    November 17, 2015, 7:23 am

    In the end, Battlefront is all style, and no substance.

    Perfect summary of this game. I would probably be considered a Star Wars fanboy but I am not buying this garbage game. This is probably the worst Star Wars game ever… I wish it was just a reskin of Battlefield 4 because that would have been a better game. There is so little content, even something like the number of weapons, BF4 has more weapons per weapon category than this game has weapons in total. The maps are also like less than half the size of the BF4 maps and they have no buildings or anything on them just rocks. What a lazy ass game, total trash.

  11. KRS
    November 17, 2015, 8:09 am

    Good review – i played beta and it looked great but igampelay felt borring after like 1 hour i always turned it off. As You said guns are almost same and matches feels almost same. As I can See the full game have same problems.

  12. NYCitySlicker
    November 17, 2015, 1:46 pm

    Brother, you need an editor. Your writing is atrocious. I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m trying to help you. Also, you don’t have to start ever sentence with “Now,”. Good luck in the future and the bow tie pic has got to go!

  13. LiveEvirdtset
    November 17, 2015, 4:25 pm

    I would agree although I only played the beta I became bored with its offerings. It seems honest reviews are hard to come by and thank you for yours, I thought DICE might ride on their laurels and design a Star Wars facelift (reskin) to their existing Battlefield franchise. If anything this just demonstrates the lack of design flexibility the team at DICE has (lack of space battles, story) as they seem content with playing second best to the multiple design teams for the Call of Duty franchise. This is a shameless cash in, riding the hype train of the Star wars franchise, a video game based on a movie, a staple that used to be avoided by gamers in general. This type of drudgery is killing creativity in gaming it would be nice to see more originality, but as most of the responses demonstrate many of you have not played any of the Battlefront series and are content with this. If your a fan and want the training wheels taken off pick up star wars battlefront elite squadron, more features, story, heroes, weapons and has battles that transition between land and space if you can stomach the downgrade in graphics

  14. Michael
    November 17, 2015, 4:41 pm

    I have to admit that this is the most honest and down to earth all over the gaming sites….and your final sentence ” all style and no substance” sums up the game perfectly.
    I played the game during the beta and it clearly saved me the 70 euros…not to mention the pathetic 50 euro Dlc tactic….cut content(unfinished due to having catch the movie release and then served as ”bonus”) being presented as new content and the ridiculous pricing….they surely lost many…many loyal hardcore star wars gamers…but made many new because as everything goes nowadays there are many people who just don’t care about quality or quantity for that matter….a few light sabers,some pew pew and boom millions!
    Whereas games like halo 5 despite the mediocre campaign is leeeeagues better than that lame subgame takes scores like 7/10 and that excuse for a game because it’s served by EA and dice with the Star wars logo gets 8/10 or 7/10min most gaming sites which is nowhere near the reality….just play halo 5 and then star wars….you’ll see the difference in quality and care put into each game….

  15. Jonathan
    November 17, 2015, 5:09 pm

    Great review. Bravo.

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