Square-Enix & The Problematic Final Fantasy 7 Fail Safe

Square-Enix & The Problematic Final Fantasy 7 Fail Safe

Oh Square-Enix, how the mighty fall…then get back up again and stumble around a bit. As someone who grew up, partly at least, playing JRPGS, Square-Enix played a large part on my video game playing life. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 7,8 and 9, Dragons Quest, Final Fantasy Tactics. The game that stands out most in that line up (not for me, but for most people) is Final Fantasy 7. the ‘classic’.

Final Fantasy 7 went beyond the realms of being ‘just another game’, it’s constantly being brought back up when ever a discussion on JRPGs occurs. It’s celebrated as a crowning moment in RPG history, Square-Enix’s history and the video game industry as a whole. It’s impossible to deny the impact the game had, regardless of personal feelings towards the game. The problem is, Square-Enix never seemed to get out of the shadow of Final Fantasy 7, be it in their video games or in their general approach to business.

Before the release of Final Fantasy 7, the franchise tended to jump around in terms of tone and characters. You’d be reassured that every time you sat down to play a Final Fantasy game, you’d be meeting a whole host of new, interesting, characters. That changed with the success of Final Fantasy 7. The ‘dark, brooding’ character came into fashion and flashed in and out of the franchise ever since. This was especially true with the character of Squall, the floppy fringed student who was never happy and always ‘conflicted’. While Final Fantasy 8 wasn’t a bad game (truth be told, I prefer it over 7) it always felt like it was in the shadow of Final Fantasy 7, trying to maintain some of the traits of its predecessor.


The real issue with Final Fantasy 7′s success is the way in which it has been handled. No longer is it a jewel in the crown of Square-Enix, it’s now a quick buck, a means to stay relevant without the effort. The best example of this being the recent reveal of Final Fantasy 7 being thrown onto the PS4. No additions, changes or anything of the like, it’s the same old thing we’ve had thrown around for years now.


Do Square-Enix owe their fans any HD version of Final Fantasy 7? no, but they do owe their fans a decent port. It reeks of laziness when the same old version of the game is thrown around, across various formats for multiple years. It’s yet another ‘quick buck’ move from Square which leaves a sour taste in the mouth of it’s fans, who’ve endured quite lot of sours tastes with Square the last few years. After the train wreck that was Final Fantasy 14, since fixed after a re-launch, and the ‘meh’ feelings towards Final Fantasy 13 and it’s spin-offs, Square could do with some positive vibes. It’s not like Square and incapable of doing good re-releases, just look at Final Fantasy X & X2.


Square wouldn’t constantly bring back Final Fantasy 7 if it wasn’t bringing in the money. The sheer love towards the game will naturally bring a solid amount of customers in, which is arguably part of the problem. Whenever Square run into problems, be it cash related or multiple games being delayed, they fall back to releasing Final Fantasy 7. It’s frustrating to see them do this yet again, even more so in the manner it was announced. A quick run onto the stage followed by a trailer and some extremely broken English. It’s almost like Square don’t even care that they look lazy these days. Square don’t seem happy with cheapening the modern Final Fantasy franchise, they seem hell bent on cheapening the past glories as well.



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