Spy Co-op Title Clandestine Enters Alpha Testing Phase

Spy Co-op Title Clandestine Enters Alpha Testing Phase

The cooperative spy fantasy title Clandestine has officially entered the Alpha testing phase.

Danish indie developer Logic Artists revealed the Alpha testing phase, along with a few new details on the roles of the Spy and the Hacker. Clandestine features familiar 3rd-person stealth mechanics such as stealth cover systems, lethal and non-lethal takedown, gadgets and the ability to conceal weapons.

The Spy player must covertly enter hideouts, safe houses and corporate headquarters spread across two continents. The Hacker plays from a 2D computer interface, in line with the mid-90′s setting, and supports the spy via hacking security cameras, turrets, doors and blinding enemies via turning off the power.

Logic Artists have put a focus onto creating a relationship between the Hacker and the Spy, to create a genuine co-op experience -

“The symbiotic relationship between the Spy and the Hacker forms the backbone of Clandestine’s gameplay mechanics, as to achieve success players must work together and communicate to overcome obstacles and escape dangerous situations”, said Jonas Wæver, Lead Designer for Logic Artists. “Now that we have reached the alpha milestone we are really ironing out the co-op features of Clandestine to make sure that whether gamers prefer to play as Hacker or Spy, each role is equally as fun, interesting and satisfying”.


More information about Clandestine can be found on the official site.





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