Smash Direct: People Talk Positively About Nintendo For a Change

Smash Direct: People Talk Positively About Nintendo For a Change

The last year or so has been rough for Nintendo–and that’s putting it very lightly. It seems everyone wants to lambast the company that gave many people a gateway into video games, and as such they have become an easy target for the sharp-tongued observer. Nintendo is not faultless, but some of the comments stem from people jumping aboard the bandwagon. In that vein, it came as a welcome surprise, recently, to finally have a Nintendo-related topic in which people talked about the games and nothing more–bar that bouncy-haired guy from Gametrailers, that is.

screen-1Smash Bros. has always been a franchise that gets people hyped and tearful over the sheer nostalgic goodness it has to offer, and that’s awesome. It’s a franchise that services its fans in the best possible way, and by the looks of it things haven’t changed. The joy of seeing so many familiar, iconic, characters in one place doing battle is immensely satisfying.

The Wii U–and Nintendo’s problems–have long garnered negative attention and comments. So, the stark tonal change, in terms of chatter, anyway, during the Smash Direct event was an enjoyable change. Does it mean the Wii U will suddenly become a huge success? Of course not. But it’s nice for people to take a more logical approach to the system, all thanks to Smash Bros.


The reveals during the Direct had people excited, interested and happy. There has not been a single gripe expressed thus far (at least by a large slice of people). Well, apart from the expected ‘I wish such and such were in the game’ being voiced here and there. People just seemed to enjoy what they were seeing, discussing what was on display in a civil manner, which is not something that happens all that often in modern video game communities.

As for the game itself, it was a refreshing showing of a video game, with no gimmicks, no celebrity cameos, and no shady sponsorships–just straight-up info given to us in a humble and respectful manner. People may have became disillusioned with Nintendo, but at least for the duration of the Smash Direct, people came together and enjoyed what was on show, as well as discussing video games as fans, not rivals.



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