Skip Battlefront, Get Your Star Wars Fix From These Games Instead

Skip Battlefront, Get Your Star Wars Fix From These Games Instead

After years of wanting and waiting for a new Battlefront, Dice’s effort has turned out to be a false prophet. It may look and sound the part, but the sheer lack of content and intense focus on selling Season Passes has resulted in a hugely disappointing, and frustrating, experience. Thankfully there’s plenty of Star Wars titles there to supply that nostalgic fix, without the £49.99 asking price.


Battlefront 2:

The best of the franchise, Battlefront 2 plays just as well now as it did back in 2005. The sheer intensity of each and every battle catapulted the play directly onto the front lines of iconic battles from across the Star Wars cinematic universe. From the original trilogy, to the prequels, Battlefront 2 packed a huge punch.

Simple class based gameplay flows perfectly in time with fast paced gameplay, creating a wonderfully satisfying experience. From dominating the stars during the space combat, to tight firefights across various planets and ships, Battlefront 2 is the definitive Star Wars multiplayer experience. Extra kudos goes to crafting an solid single player experience in the shape of Galactic Conquest and Campaign, take note DICE.

Battlefront 2 still hosts a decent sized player base on the PC. Even with the closure of Gamespy, PC users can still host and play online via GameRanger.


Rouge Squadron 1 & 2:

If there’s one game that satisfies the fantasy of piloting an X-Wing, Rogue Squadron (and it’s follow up) is certainly that game. Genuinely one the most wonderfully crafted Star Wars experiences to date, Rogue Squadron takes players across the length and breadth of the galaxy. Both games give the much loved universe an extra layer of depth, with Rogue Squadron 2 abridging the gaps between the original films.

Bombing through the Death Star’s trench, hitting the finishing blow, it’s hugely fulfilling. Each level leaves the player enjoying a cocktail made up of nostalgia, joy and satisfaction. Reliving classic moments from the films, playing through unseen events, it’s exactly what you could want from a Star Wars game.


Empire At War / Galactic Battlegrounds:

Two RTS titles that provided their own spin on the genre, both we’re equally as good. Empire at War is much grander experience, with large scale battles and spectacles playing a key role in the core gameplay. Empire At War excels at making the player feel like they’re directly involved with the action on screen. The fact players can control and use the Death Star is often the main reason people check out the game in the first place.

Galactic Battlegrounds finds it’s self in much more traditional RTS, with base building, resourcing gathering and micro-management taking up a large amount of the gameplay. With a solid combat system consisting of units from across all six films, Galactic Battlegrounds was charming title by Age of Empire developers Ensemble.

Neither game brought anything new to the RTS table, but their faithful takes on the Star Wars universe allowed, and solid mechanics, resulted in them both becoming favourites.


Super Star Wars:

In truth, it’s hard to say anything fresh about Super Star Wars. Everyone knows about it, the chances are you’ve played it. Fantastic gameplay, tight controls, top notch visual and some crazy takes on the films. It’s insanely fun, even with sudden difficultly curves, there’s a huge amount of charm oozing from each and every level. Even from a fan service perspective, Super Star Wars is a must play. Witnessing the Chewbacca power slide, the cries of ‘utini’ when shooting Jawas, it’s all immensely enjoyable.


Republic Commando:

Star Wars: Republic Commando expanded upon the Star Wars universe by placing players in the boots of a Clone squad leader. Marketed as a tactical squad based shooter,the game saw players visit a number of worlds and take on various enemies ranging from the familiar to the new.

While the tactical part of the game was a little shallow, the overall experience was anything but. The action was intense and oozed of that Star Wars feel and atmosphere. The controls were tight allowing the game to flow well, resulting in a satisfying experience. The core gameplay was kept fresh by mixing up enemy types that each required a different approach. Republic Commando still provides a utterly enjoyable experience, even more so for a Star Wars fans (both new and old).


Of course there are a number of Star Wars games worth checking out such as X-Wing/Tie Fighter, Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Outcast, all of which can be purchased quite cheaply.



Sean Halliday


  1. Wrong
    November 20, 2015, 2:29 am

    Not a Star Wars fanboy. Actually prefer Star Trek. But this author is missing a big point. Battlefront is the only FPS released this year that doesn’t feel like its contributing to the singularity of FPS gaming. Going back even further…..Titanfall/AW/Destiny/Halo/BO3, are all games that feel like management got together and said, “these AAA developers are doing this so we need to do it too.” Look at Halo with ADS/Clamber. Look at BO3 with wall-running and Destiny-like characters and specials. At least Battlefront stays true to itself and does it owns thing.

    There is this myth that the gameplay is “shallow.” Authors are jumping on it. Go play the smaller objective modes if you want strategy… such as Drop Zone, Droid Run and Cargo. All these authors are totally shallow-minded. They have been so conditioned to play a COD-style game that when something different appears, they don’t know what to think.

    Lack of content? Granted, there is no campaign. But that aside, there are plenty of game modes to choose from. Halo has even less.

    If you want a FPS game that bucks the trend of every other shooter being released lately, then try Battlefront. It has casual/mindless fun modes like Walker Assault, Supremacy, Blast, and Hero vs Hero modes. But it also has strategic modes such as Drop Zone, Droid Run and Cargo.

    Battlefront provides a different experience then what has been released the past couple years. On principle, I respect that. Maybe you will too.

    • Sean Halliday
      November 20, 2015, 2:45 am

      Look at my past posts on the site. I directly address Battlefront. I’m not missing any point.

      the gameplay is shallow, and assuming everyone who says that is conditioned by Call of Duty is just wrong. I’ve not played a CoD title since Black Ops 1. I literally have no idea why you’ve taken it upon yourself to defend Battlefront.

      ‘Battlefront provides a different experience then what has been released the past couple years. On principle, I respect that. Maybe you will too.’ i don’t respect half a game being released with the intention to sell the rest via DLC/season pass, it’s that simply.

      But again, I’d suggest checking out the previous posts on Battlefront.

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