Shattered Skies Developer Seeks To Censor Critics

Shattered Skies Developer Seeks To Censor Critics

The Developer of Shattered Skies, Free Reign Entertainment, have started to censor critical videos of their game. Known for games like War Z AKA Infestation: Survivor Stories AKA Romero’s Aftermath, they have a history of censorship. Steam has removed their games in the past, mostly due to false product descriptions.

Censoring forums has also been something they have meddled with. Their latest exploits seem to be targeting Youtube videos which are critical of Shattered Skies. Positive videos are still up and running, making the game look ‘good’.

BigfryTV, a growing Youtuber, uploaded a video talking about Free Reign’s latest game. His negative views towards the title were initially ignored…until his page started to grow. Free Reign claim the video is essentially clickbait that slanders Shattered Skies. BigfryTV was discussing how Shattered Skies greatly resembles Free Reign’s other works.

It’s worrying that companies like this feel they can censor critics so freely. With Shattered Skies set for release this summer, perhaps they’re trying to protect potential sales. Enforcing copyright claims onto videos that show the game in a bad light will do them no favours. It’s yet another shady practice from one of the the most insidious companies in video games today.

Sean Halliday

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