Second Chance Heroes Let’s You Kill Zombies As Abe Lincoln

Second Chance Heroes Let’s You Kill Zombies As Abe Lincoln

I have this habit of browsing IndieDB and looking for some indie gems to keep my eyes peeled for. Now, most of the selection are either clones or games that you can tell will never see the light of day. However, once in a blue moon I’ll find myself noticing something worth checking out, and something that captures my attention right away. That game was Second Chance Heroes and it’s being developed by

Second Chance Heroes is a cooperative arcade action game that takes place in a world overrun by apocalyptic disasters! Made weak by over-exposure to kitten videos, reality TV and ironic photos of bacon, the citizens of the modern world are entirely unprepared when the end of the world arrives! Unable to save ourselves from evil robots, nuclear missiles, sentient fast food, alien invasions and hordes of the undead, our only hope lies in the past. Put together a dream team of cloned heroes drawn from throughout human history and use them to push back the apocalyptic tide! Or don’t and just let the zombie chickens eat your face.

Clicking on the names below will reveal information about the playable characters in game. Check em out!

So, it looks like we have Queen Elizabeth I, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, and what looks like Joan of Arc. Delving deeper into the game’s information we also see characters such as Nikola Tesla, Julius Caesar, Blackbeard, Marie Curie, Montezuma, Cleopatra, Leonardo da Vinci, and Genghis Khan. These figures from the past, which are now clones are taking on hordes of some really odd looking baddies in some really wonderful looking environments. It also seems to lean a bit more towards the wacky side of things and seems to be we’ll be getting a game that throws everything out the window and gives us something with endless possibilities in terms of the world. A Queen armed with a minigun, Abe Lincoln with a chainsaw, Napoleon riding around on a cannon, and then Joan using what appears to be a typical sword.

All I know is that this game looks mighty interesting and feels like it’ll play very similar to games like Diablo, Torchlight, etc.

The game is set to release on February 17th on iPhone, and iPad with a Windows/Mac release TBD. Down below are also two videos regarding the game. The first being the announcement trailer, and the next being a 10 minute co-op demo of the game. Take a peek, and follow the game’s development here.

You can also go vote for it on Greenlight, and help get this wonderful creation on Steam by clicking here.

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