Screw Far Cry: Primal, Where’s Blood Dragon 2?

Screw Far Cry: Primal, Where’s Blood Dragon 2?

With Far Cry: Primal on the verge of release, I find myself asking one simple question. Where did Blood Dragon 2 go? Of course it was never a given that a follow up to 2013′s 80′s and 90′s fuelled thrill ride would happen, but it made sense.

Blood Dragon was sheer bliss, covered in neon lights and one liners. When a game stars a character named Rex ”Power” Colt, you know things are off to a good start. It’s a game that was made for a niche audience, allowing it to be more creative and less conventional. Cyber bow and arrows, robotic eyes and Robocop’s gun, what’s not to love?

At the core of the game was Far Cry 3′s basic format. Large open spaces filled with wild life, enemies and bases. Players could still do everything they could in the core game, with the added benefit of it actually being fun this time around. The lack of Dude Bro/The Beach rip off ideas found in Far Cry 3 was replaced with Cyborg eyes and laser breathing dragons.

The real pleasures of Blood Dragon was how unashamedly proud it was to bask in the ridiculous. A number of Ubisoft games feel like they’re developed by the numbers and restrained ticking off current trends. Blood Dragon was more akin to watching old action films and reminiscing over retro games and cartoons. Poking fun at modern day video game tropes, the dialogue was wonderfully blunt, while maintaining the corny factor of its film inspirations.

Of course the action was just as over the top as anything else in the game. Explosions filled in the screen, bright neon lights coating each firefight. Bright blue fluid gushes from enemy wounds, painting some striking imagery. Witnessing the stand off between enemies and the Blood Dragons was immense, often deadly. The whole experience felt untamed and wild, a rare occurrence in most games of the time.

You can’t talk about Blood Dragon without mentioning both the visual style and soundtrack. Bright colours beam across the entirety of the game. The human eye is never far from strong uses of neon colours, exploding into life, often hand in hand with the kicking soundtrack. Produced by Powerglove, Blood Dragon roars and pounds its chest to some truly ear pounding tracks. From the intro track, the last boss fight, toes will be tapping while enemies necks are snapping.


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was the love letter to the 80s and 90s that we could all enjoy. The vague VHS lines drawn across the screen, the references-per-second and the ability to use Robocop’s gun (seriously, using his gun is worth mentioning twice) results in some giddy moments of pure joy.

Primal may turn out to be a fantastic game, but where’s the Blood Dragon 2 at?




Sean Halliday

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