Rocket League Is Not The Game We Asked For, But It Is What We Needed

Rocket League Is Not The Game We Asked For, But It Is What We Needed

Rocket League is nothing short than utter brilliance. It’s simply, it’s efficient and god damn is it fun. For the most part, we tend to look at Nintendo for ‘pure’ video game experiences, but Rocket League has propelled itself into that very same space. The Auto-football video game is a gentle reminder that simplicity will always have a place in the industry, even when every other games are overproduced and bloated.

Breaking Rocket League down in order to see why it works is a curiously enjoyable process. Marveling at how basic the game is, yet how deep the game can be, it’s all part of the enjoyment. While a average person can sit down and understand the core game within a few moments, there’s a extra level of ‘flair’ underneath the basic concept of ramming a ball into a huge goal.

Mastering the art of perfectly timed jumps, the craft of a well timed defensive power slide, the thrill of scoring a fancy goal. Rocket League is exactly the game the 2015 market has needed. The cult following around the game has already taken hold of social media and Twitch. The core concepts lend themselves perfectly to reliving the old days of ‘fun’ multiplayer, rather than competitive.

The cynical side of me can’t help but think that Rocket League would receive more acclaim if was developed by Nintendo. Rocket League deserves to be a huge success, both commercially and critically. It strikes me as a game that has the potential to become ‘that’ game a group of friends/players return to for a quick blast of pure video game thrills, much in the way people return to Timespillters 2, Mario Kart or NBA Jam.

Rocket League is simply a joy worth experiencing, giving even the most jaded of video game players something to smirk about. Psyonix, who are also credited for the fantastic Nosgoth, have struck gold with their mash up of driving and football, and here’s to hoping they supported it with a decent stream of DLC and events.


P.S, welcome back Split-Screen local multiplayer our old friend.


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