Review: The Walking Dead — S04E04 “Indifference”

Review: The Walking Dead — S04E04 “Indifference”

Season 4 is turning out to be my favorite season of the series yet, and is slowly removing the bad taste left in my mouth from Season 3, and that god-awful finale. With only four episodes in, it seems like the major “villain”/adversary for this season will be the flu like sickness that has hit the prison, and made many of the residents sick.

Spoilers ahead for this episode.

This episode puts the flu on the backburner, and instead focuses on two groups set out to gather supplies to hopefully aid in their survival, as well as combat the flu-like sickness that has taken its toll on some of the residents. The two groups include Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and Bob whereas the other group is just Rick, and Carol. Daryl’s group attempts to find a new vehicle after losing their previous one to a horde of Walkers. The find the new vehicle, and clear away some vines only to have Tyreese (still sad/angry about Karen’s death) chop at the vines too vigorously, and in turn releases the Walkers hiding inside the autoshop. After struggling, and failing to let go of the Walker, Tyreese is eventually saved by Bob who shoots said Walker in the head, killing it.

It really feels like the deaths of Karen & David are taking its toll on Tyreese and it seems like he’s becoming more, and more unstable and could prove to be a risk to the group later on this season. The same could also be said for Bob as later on in the episode him and Daryl have an exchange about how him grabbing the bottle of booze in the season premiere caused the Walkers to swarm, and cause Zach’s death for which he blames himself. This happens again as towards the end of the episode we see Bob trying to save a bag of what we perceive as medicine from falling off a ledge where Walkers are swarming, but he refuses to drop the bag at the group’s request. The bag is saved, and Daryl pulls out a bottle of alcohol, and an argument is had with Bob almost pulling his gun on Daryl. So, it could also be said that Bob’s drinking problem is a risk to the group as it had caused Zach to die, and risked the lives of Tyreese, Daryl, and Michonne this week. If something doesn’t happen that fixes Bob’s alcoholism, I entirely expect him to die somewhere this season. We’ll see what happens.

The story with Carol, and Rick for this episode was also really tense to watch, not knowing how Rick was going to react at Carol killing Karen, and David whom were extremely sick, and posed a risk to the rest of the group. Rick is seen to be mulling over the situation for the entire episode, and we learn that Carol has changed, and adopted a new mindset that revolves around kill or be killed, which we’ve seen throughout this season so far. They find two survivors while raiding a house whom are Sam, and Ana and are both injured. Sam with his dislocated shoulder which Carol fixes, and Ana with her busted leg that didn’t heal properly. Carol & Rick seem to be conflicted about whether letting Sam, and Ana join them but Rick decides to let them go out, get supplies and then meet back at the same house 2 hours later.

 While going out for supplies Rick, and Carol have a discussion about killing someone for the better of the group. Carol brings up Rick killing Shane in Season 2 and it seems like they’re both on the same page, and that Rick has accepted Carol’s choice in killing Karen, and David. However, they soon come across the body of Ana being devoured by Walkers, and head back to the house to see if  Sam is there waiting. Hours pass, and Sam is nowhere to be seen so Carol decides they should leave, even though Sam might be okay, people will be expecting them back soon. As they’re packing up, and getting ready to leave Rick finally discusses the situation of Carol killing Karen, and David and mentions that he’s doing it for himself, and his children. He also mentions that Karen, and David could of been okay and survived but they never would of known/gotten the chance as Carol had killed them, for the “better of the group.” So, in the end it seems like Rick doesn’t trust Carol and tells her to leave the group and that she’s strong enough to be on her own now.

It feels weird having a long-running character just get asked to the leave the group for good. However, I think I can side with Rick on this decision some-what. Carol made a huge decision without really thinking everything through, and in the end killed two people that could of totally been okay, and survived the flu, but were never given the chance. Where as back in Season Two, Rick killed Shane because he proved to be a threat, and even attempted to kill Rick. His actions were for the better of the group, where as Carol’s remain to be seen that way, but I guess time will tell. However, I also feel that Rick is saving Carol as well with this decision. If she came back to the prison with him, and Tyreese found out he would most likely kill Carol for killing Karen. So, for me it feels like Rick is also saving her life by asking her to leave, and start fresh. I do feel like this is the last time we’ll see Carol though. She’s too much of a major character to just be let go like that.

I’m also curious to see what happens with the other characters, especially the ones who have all become sick from the flu. How many will die, and from the sneak peak it looks like more of them have turned and attacked the others. Will Tyreese’s anger over the death of Karen continue to make him more volatile, and will Bob’s drinking problems play a bigger part in the rest of the season? And how will the prison group react to Rick returning without Carol? I guess we’ll have to wait until next week.

This episode gets a 9/10. Definitely one of the better episodes of the show’s run.

Justin Ross

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  1. Epke
    November 6, 2013, 5:52 am

    I stopped watching the WD somewhere in the second season, i loved the first season, but even then i was annoyed at the stupidity of the characters when dealing with zombies.

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