Review: Supernatural — S09E05 “Dog Dean Afternoon”

Review: Supernatural — S09E05 “Dog Dean Afternoon”

Supernatural is back again this week with another “monster of the week” episode, and ends up being an extremely light-hearted and fun adventure.

Spoilers Ahead:

The episode opens in a taxidermist’s workshop with a man making some Game Of Thrones-esque sculptures using what appears to be a muskrat. The man hears a sound, and goes to investigate only to find nothing in the shop. He returns to his workstation and is immediately surprised by a man wearing a cowboy outfit whom then flashes a forked tongue (much like a snake) and constricts him to death, much like an anaconda would while the taxidermist’s dog, Colonel watches as his master is killed.

Very straight to the point, and it left me wondering what the monster was. Some type of snake creature? That’s what it looked like we were going to get, so I was instantly hooked.

The brothers eventually end up investigating the case, even though Dean says it might not be a good idea saying how Sam is still on the mend from the Trials in the previous season (even though we know it has something to do with Zeke; the angel possessing Sam). Once getting there they learn that the dog, Colonel was the only other person there during the death of the owner, and head back to their motel room to investigate a strange symbol they found on the shop door, believing it to be some sort of Wiccan symbol.

The brothers learn the symbo isn’t Wiccan in nature at all, but is instead the logo of a local “Peta-like” group whom tried using scare tactics to stop the taxidermist’s business by covering his front door in blood, and writing death threats in the blood. However, they tell the brothers that they were scared off by hissing, and believing they were sprayed with mace. They remove their glasses to reveal injured eyes, and Sam reveals through research that the injuries were most likely caused by snake venom being spat into the eyes. This confuses the brothers as snakes who constrict won’t use venom, and vice versa.

The brothers are then drawn to an animal shelter where another victim has been found with slash marks on his neck, as if he was mauled by some sort of cat. The victim whom had discovered the “cowboy” man eating a cat, was then promptly killed. Thus revealing some more interesting details about the killer/monster. He’s obviously not a snake creature, as snakes don’t use claws to kill their prey. So, what is he?

Dean then notices the same dog from the first crime scene locked up at the animal shelter, and realizes that this dog, Colonel had witnessed both deaths of the taxidermist, and teenager working at the shelter. Sam mentions an old Eskimo spell that would allow the person to “mind-meld” with an animal, and communicate with them. They make the spell, and Dean drinks the concoction but is let down when nothing happens, and that he can’t talk to Colonel who is now with them in the motel. Then, out of the blue a mysterious voice tells Dean to change the channel, and we soon realize it’s the dog, and that Dean can now communicate with all types of animals. However, the mind-meld worked both ways and now Dean has acquired some dog-like traits, which is shown by him playing fetch with Sam, and barking at the mail-man. Colonel tells them what the killer looks like, so the Brothers and Colonel head to the shelter so Dean can get some more clues from the other animals there. This in turn gives us a hilarious little bit where Sam must rub the belly of a dog so it can give Dean clues about the killer, whom we then learn is the head-chef at a restaurant.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, Sam realizes that the Chef is eating animal organs, and obtaining some abilities of said animals using a shamanistic ritual. The duo decide to split-up and kill the Chef, which results in Sam being attacked by the Chef who has been concealed against a wall, like a chameleon and slashes at Sam’s throat, delivering a fatal blow. However, Zeke takes control again and heals Sam’s wound which obviously confuses Sam, but also intrigues the Chef who now intends on devouring Sam’s heart and gaining his healing abilities to help rid himself of his cancer. Dean encounters the scenario, and is attacked and tied up by the Chef who contemplates on how he’ll kill Dean, before eating a Wolf heart. Dean manages to break-free, and leads the Chef on a chase leading outside where Dean calls on a pack of dogs he let free earlier on in the episode who eventually tear the Chef to pieces killing him.

A pretty hilarious way to kill someone in my opinion, and the episode in general took us away from all the dark, and gritty and gave us something humorous and light-hearted. The ending also lends itself to question whether Sam is starting to realize something is going on with the whole “healing” and blacking out thing. I’d be questioning things myself if I knew my throat was gashed open, but then the next minute it was completely healed. I guess we’ll see what happens next week.

Definitely a good episode of Supernatural, even though it felt like it was resolved a little too quickly and that things just happened to fall into place. I guess that’s what we should expect in a more “positive mood” episode. Lots of humor to this one.

I give it an 8/10.


Justin Ross

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