Review: Avatars In Grave Danger — Xbox Live Indie Game

Review: Avatars In Grave Danger — Xbox Live Indie Game

I was browsing the Indie Games section on Xbox Live today and came across a game that piqued my interest. The first being my love for zombies, and the second being my curiosity in avatar games where I can play as my Xbox Live Avatar. Sadly, the latter always seems to lure me into play poorly designed games, which is what this game is.

Grave Danger is an odd type of waved-based survival game developed by Pixel Psyche. You’re essentially on a fixed point, in a cemetery and can only strafe from side to side to shoot the zombies and prevent them from crossing the cemetery gates. So, in essence it feels more like a “tower defense” game in that aspect but when you get down to the nit & grit, it really isn’t all that captivating.

You start off with a Pistol that’s incredibly weak, and slow to shoot. Not only do the shooting mechanics feel sluggish, the aiming system is a tad atrocious too. You can’t aim from a distance to shoot a zombie on the far right of the map, so you’ll have to strafe all the way over, and shoot the zombie. The problem with this is that the accuracy of the weapons are atrocious, and you’ll have to shoot well before the zombie gets to where it’s headed (for the zombies that run horizontal) where as the zombies running straight at you are way easier to kill, and rarely prove to be much of a challenge.

 The game also has an unlock system where you can buy upgrades for weapons, and your character. The only upgrade I really found useful was the Strafing Speed upgrade considering how slow your character moves on their own, so buying this upgrade can be really useful as later waves have ridiculous amounts of zombies, and are impossible to stop from passing the “line” without the proper speed.

The game doesn’t even have a multiplayer, or local co-op mode which I feel would benefit this title greatly. Instead we get a really bare, and boring singleplayer experience that doesn’t offer up much re-playability. It’s a really cheap game if you’re curious ($1.00) but you could probably put your money into some way better indie games out there on Xbox Live. Again, there’s a trial out there to see if this game is for you, but I imagine that’s all you need. Sure, you’re only paying $1 for this game, but the end product just isn’t fun in the slightest.

It could captivate you for about ten minutes or so, but that’s all you’d probably need with this game.

Avoid it.


Justin Ross

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