Resident Evil Remakes: What About Outbreak?

Resident Evil Remakes: What About Outbreak?

With the announcement of yet another version of Resident Evil, the question popped up of which Resident Evil game truly deserved a remastering. There’s been a few remakes of early Resi games, most notably the ones that appeared on the Gamecube, but there’s one entry that always felt like it was out before its time. Online survival co-op horror with RPG elements and slight PvP features…Resident Evil: Outbreak always felt like it’s ambition was kept down by limitations of the time.

While it’s easy money, something Capcom would like to entertain after the last few years, to remake Resident Evil, it feels like grounded already passed. Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Directors Cut, Resident Evil Remake and now a HD remastering. There’s nothing wrong with it, if anything it’s a nice reminder of what survival horror was rather than what is is in the modern market. At the end of the day, it’s Resident Evil…it’s core market is already there and willing to pay, as previously said, ‘easy money’.


The concept of remaking Resident Evil titles is exciting, at least to me, purely based on the hope that Outbreak would get the remastering treatment. Back on it’s original release the game was victim to the limitation of the PS2′s online capability. To make matters worse, Outbreak didn’t even feature online play in Europe, leaving a whole territory missing out on the experience. Outbreak, as a concept, sounded fantastic. Playing through one of five scenarios, as one of eight characters in a co-op survival horror experience was a pretty neat idea. Which each character having their own skills and perks, players were forced to work together by solving puzzles, surviving threats and making choices based on the characters skill set.

Outbreak, at least looking back at it, felt like a game that was well ahead of everything else in terms of online co-op. Players working together could achieve success, but there was also a dark art to the game…being infected and not telling anyone. Sneaky players, who had been victims of infection, could hide their wound and wait until they turned, granting them the chance to kill the other players. It’s a tiny touch that gave the whole co-op concept a minor PvP touch.


Take this concept, and throw it into the modern day industry. Online play has come so far and is now considered the normal, voice commutation is no longer a rarity, systems are far more capable of hosting such concepts. This is why the concept of a Outbreak remastering/Remake is such a appealing notion. The chances of it happening are admittedly slim, even more so given Capcom’s rough few year sales wise. There’s still a hope, not a expectation, that if this is a sign of multiple Resi remake then maybe, just maybe, Outbreak may get the remastering treatment it deserves.

Sean Halliday


  1. Zombie_Professor
    August 6, 2014, 4:50 am

    Fantastic article, Sean. As a veteran member of the Bring Back Resident Evil Outbreak Campaign, I am proud to report that our “Request For Resident Evil Outbreak File #3 Petition” has amassed over 10,000 signatures of support from passionate Resident Evil Outbreak fans.

    With this amazing show of support, a Resident Evil Outbreak remake or a new game in the series certainly isn’t out of the question. Capcom listens to its fans. Its the fans that truly make the company thrive! Resident Evil is being brought back due in large part to fan demand, so why not Outbreak?

    Consider Outbreak’s stellar sales numbers: 1.45 million copies on the Playstation 2. It earned its spot on Capcom’s platinum titles list. Combine that with the fact that game rating websites praised the dynamics of the game: IGN called Resident Evil Outbreak the “Best Action Game”, called it the “Best PS2 Game” and Gamepro awarded it an Editors Choice Award.

    Our team of Resident Evil Outbreak supporters on the Capcom-Unity forum is confident that we will persuade Capcom to give the Outbreak series a second chance. I have personally forwarded the petition to Capcom. The petition is sure to turn heads at Capcom headquarters.

    • Sean Halliday
      August 10, 2014, 3:33 am

      That’s pretty cool man! Glad you enjoyed the post. Good luck with the petition :)

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