Rayman Confirmed For Super Smash Bros Wii U?

Rayman Confirmed For Super Smash Bros Wii U?

Ubisoft’s Rayman franchise pops it’s head up a few times in the recent Super Smash Bros, but only in trophy form, until now at least.


A short video has sneaked out onto Youtube, featuring the armless hero listed as playable character on the games character select screen. While the video does not show any actual gameplay, Rayman is selectable.

There’s no immediate, or clear, signs of tomfoolery spotted in the 18 second clip. Smash Bros has featured third party characters before, most of which had roots within Japense game development. Ubisoft and Nintendo’s relationship, at least in terms of the Wii U, has always been a healthy one. Rayman appearing in Smash Bros may not be the most obvious choice, but it does make sense.




This is now confirmed as fake. It’s the nifty work of Artsy Omni His Twitter: https://twitter.com/artsyomni


This potential leak will hopefully result in some clarity, and perhaps the reveal of more third party characters coming to Super Smash Bros.

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