Rainbow Six: Siege’s Last Beta Suggests A Problematic Release

Rainbow Six: Siege’s Last Beta Suggests A Problematic Release

This weekend saw the final ‘Beta’ (at this point, Beta is just a buzzword misused to mean Demo by Ubisoft) for Rainbow Six: Siege. The latest entry into one of Ubisoft’s most favoured franchises, Siege has a fair amount buzz surrounding it. Not all the buzz has been positive, with questionable Season Passes and Micro-transactions coming under fire.

Ubisoft have become known for their willingness to release games in less than ideal conditions. The most memorable case of this was the release of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Numerous bugs and glitches saw the game become something of a joke, denting the companies reputation. Naturally, people are more cautious about buying Ubisoft games on day one.

Cautious approaches seem to be the best way forward when it comes to Siege. The recent Beta has been littered with problems. The key issues seem to centre around the severs and matchmaking. Issues became so prevalent that the Beta was delayed by a few hours.

With about 10-12 hours invested into the Beta, there’s still a number of issues lingering. Matchmaking has a tendency to fail, leaving players trapped in a state of limbo. Unfortunately, it’s a problem that pops up regularly, raising doubts over how well the final product will work. Another repeating issues left players in a permanent search for team mates, with the last slot never being filled. Player invites seems to be a concept the Beta struggled with. About 70% of the time, I was only able to accept game invitations from Uplay’s software, and not within the game. In-game menus and overlays either refused to open or bugged out completely.


Ubisoft’s sever tended to be solid for most of the Beta, with the odd disconnection aside. Bugs and glitches were present, with a few of them proving to be game changers. Out of around 30 games, 6 rounds saw players unable to spawn. Another bug worthy of mentioning was the lack of reward for playing a game. Players earn renown for completing games. After earning a ‘flawless victory’ (winning 3-0) the renown earned would total 0. It’s not exactly a game breaking bug, but it’s certainly a frustrating event.

It may not be a bug, glitch or sever issue, but the PC version of the Siege Beta was odd. Visually, the game looks underwhelming. With all the settings set to ultra, there’s a lack of detail and flare, but the game still tends to spike and dip in performance. Hard freezes have been encountered a few times.

Taking into account that this is the last ‘Beta’ before release, It’s recommended not picking up Siege on release day. Sever issues and various annoying bugs suggest the game will go through a sticky release window, requiring various patches and updates. The smart money, especially for PC users, would be to wait a few weeks before investing.

If anything, this ‘Beta’ needed to take places weeks before the games release, not a mere days.




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