Rainbow Six: Siege’s Biggest Problem Is Its Players

Rainbow Six: Siege’s Biggest Problem Is Its Players

Rainbow Six: Siege has been out for a few weeks now, and one of it’s main problems is became clear. While the lack of content and modes is a detracting factor, the current big issue is much more human. Siege’s biggest problem is its players.

For a few years now, multiplayer shooters have been fast paced gotta-kill-em-all. Get X amount of kills to call in air strikes, helicopters and the like. The motivation in these games is to kill, climb that leader board to show how MLG you are. These games do not care for team work, they don’t bother with communication, just self satisfaction.


It’s this trend that has created a number of players who refuse to see multiplayer as anything but a scoreboard. Even when a developer makes an effort to give multiplayer depth, a large group players just care about their kills and score. This trend is currently devastating matches of Rainbow Six: Siege. Blood lust in their eyes, twitching on their trigger finger, a number of players just want to kill. Sieges slower approach is currently being undermined by a number of players rushing around. Ignoring all the team work mechanics, and the fact it’s a core elements, these players refuse drop the Call of Duty mentality.

You’ll see bursting with doorways, triggering traps, soaking up bullets. Chat boxes spammed with cries of ‘retarded team’, rage quits…it’s all becoming a huge hassle. The rise of toxic players is starting to become more and more of a issue. Sieges full friendly fire allows players to team kill with ease. It’s not rare to witness a team kill at the start of the round, accompanied by the killer disconnecting. Team kills have a profound affect on the game, leaving the victim’s team two players down. In short, it’s ruining a large part of the multiplayer.

One of the most infuriating  issues with players is the ‘Youtube Troll’. The genre of videos that represents some of the worst of video game players. Ruining people’s experiences has now became a prime video format for wanna be Youtube stars. Destroying team equipment, flash bang and smoking friendly players and killing the hostage…apparently this is ‘fun’ for some people. It may be extreme to pin the blame on Youtube, but this is a problem appearing in more and more multiplayer titles.

Ubisoft have included a system to kick players, but it’s barely worth attempting. Players only have 30 seconds to vote kick a player. The issue is the interface is awful to navigate, resulting in that 30 second window being utterly fruitless. Multiplayer makes up 90% of Siege, making the game’s life cycle hugely reliant on the player base.

Toxic players are currently getting away with murder, doing what they want. This behaviour sours it for everyone else, it’s already starting to take affect. Players are constantly joining and leaving, or straight up refusing to play. It’s bizarre that Ubisoft have no real punishment system in place for what is essentially a online only release.








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