Rainbow Six: Siege Operator Breakdown – Spetsnaz Attackers

Rainbow Six: Siege Operator Breakdown  – Spetsnaz Attackers

Rainbow Six: Siege features a diverse cast of characters. Their differing abilities and equipment open up the game in a number of profound ways. Each Operator can turn the tide of any given game. Breaching through armoured walls, setting traps or supply aid to team mates, they all have their place. Forming effective combinations is key to success. This feature will cover each Police force featured in Siege, highlighting their pros and cons.


Spetsnaz Attackers



Armour Rating – 2/3

Speed Rating – 2/3

Glaz represents the black sheep of attacking options. His magnifier scope provides the highest zoom optical in the whole game. The 0Ts-03 rifle Glaz uses has the ability to take out enemies in a single well placed hit. At long range, Glaz is unbeatable, even more so given how low his gun’s recoil is for the power it puts out.

Castle’s barricades prevent bullets from passing through, apart from those coming from Glaz’s rifle. This gives him the unique ability to lay fire upon teams who would think themselves safe. If there’s one map in which Glaz can thrive, it’s Plane. The bullet proof windows cannot be penetrated by any Operators bar Glaz. This allows him to snipe enemies with ease, even more so when the objective is placed at the centre of the seating area.


In order to make the most out of Glaz, constant communication is needed. Mark enemy locations and breaching areas are key elements. There’s a number of maps that work well when it comes to ranged sniping. House has multiple angles, which when breached, allow for Glaz to clear house.

Upon entering buildings, Glaz becomes a little less effective. While the scope can be flipped back, allowing for iron sights, it’s still not ideal. Given the power of the rifles, and ability to penetrate most surfaces, this is Glaz’s main trade off.


The 0TS-03 is the only option available, there is no alternative primary choices. Side arm choice is pretty solid, mostly thanks to the PMM. Packing power and accuracy, it’s one of Siege’s best pistol. Rearing the crowd is the GSH-18, more ammo than its counterpart, but not very effective.

Glaz can pick between Breach Charges and Smoke Grenades, with the latter having more uses. Smoking areas in which Glaz would be exposed is highly useful, even more so when he’s one of the last players left alive.


Strengths -

Powerful primary weapon

Can penetrate Castle’s panels and bullet proof glass

At range, he’s the best Operator in the game


Weakness -

Primary weapon isn’t suited to close quarter combat

Glaz’s effectiveness in highly depended on the map and the team’s commutation.

Works Best With: Ash, Sledge, Thermite





Armour – 2/3

Speed – 1/3

He’s big, he’s bulky and he can wreck any parties day. Fuze is the ultimate room clearer, mostly down to his grenade cluster. These little wonders can be placed onto most surfaces, firing 5 grenades into the opposing room.

The grenades can kill and injure enemy players, also destroying defensive items such as wire, traps and batteries. Obviously this means Fuze must be careful when the objective is a Hostage. Intel is key, using drones and call outs is the best way to make the most out of Fuze’s clusters.


Player’s can be creative with their cluster placement. While walls are the easiest, and most obvious, surface to cluster, floors are arguably more effective. Firing the grenades downwards supplies more spread. The added benefit of being harder to counter via signal disrupter or reinforced walls is worthy of note.

Fuze’s weapon choice is well rounded. The AK-12 is powerful, but suffers from heavy recoil. Ballistic shield is the surprise option, but does have a place. Fuze can apply immense pressure to enemy teams by pushing forward and clustering. The finally option is the 6P41, a light machine gun that hits heavy but lacks accuracy.

Side arms are the standard Spetsnaz choice between the powerful PMM and the generous GSH-18.


Fuze can choose between Breach charges and stun grenades. Both can be used in tandem with the cluster bomb in various ways. Chucking a stun grenade into a room (via a window or vent) before letting off a charge can disorient the enemy.

The main counter to Fuze is Mute’s signal disrupter gadget. Clusters will not detonate as long if a disrupter is near. This is where the partnership between Thatch (who also owns stun grenades) can come in useful. Jager’s trophy system can stop one or two cluster grenades, but never the full five.


Strengths -


Effective in most combat situations

Clusters can wreck enemy teams and defences

Plenty of primary weapon options


Weakness -

Mute can heavily counter clusters

Slow movement

Clusters use is risky when playing for Hostage 

Works Best With: Thatcher





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