Rainbow Six: Siege Operator Breakdown – SAS Defenders

Rainbow Six: Siege Operator Breakdown – SAS Defenders

Rainbow Six: Siege features a diverse cast of characters. Their differing abilities and equipment open up the game in a number of profound ways. Each Operator can turn the tide of any given game. Breaching through armoured walls, setting traps or supply aid to team mates, they all have their place. Forming effective combinations is key to success. This feature will cover each Police force featured in Siege, highlighting their pros and cons.

SAS – Defending Operators



Armour Rating 2/3

Speed Rating 2/3

More often than not, attacking teams will use shields to push forward. Laying down a rain of bullets doesn’t do a whole lot, the only real option is Nitro Cell. Smoke provides further counters to shields via his gas bags. These little bags of yellow death can be used to zone enemies into tighter areas, or hinder them from moving forward.

The key to using Smoke is knowing when, and where, to use the gas bags. Maps such as House and Plane can be dominated by effective use of gas. Preparation phases can be used to hide a gas bag in a tricky position such as behind door ways or in between vents. Gas spreads into quite a wide area, allowing for damage to multiple targets. Narrow corridors are where Smoke’s defensive abilities excel.


Given Smoke can also equip Nitro Cell, he’s easily the best counter to any shield user. Defending biohazards is made easier by well placed gas bags, often forcing attacking players out of the objective.

For all his pros, Smoke suffers from a fair number of cons. Gas bags can damage both friendly players and hostages, making good gas placement vital. Gas is released from the front of the bag, making it tricky to get full effectiveness when throwing them towards enemies.

Smoke has a fairly diverse choice of weaponry. His 591A1 shotgun can down most enemies within a hit, assuming they;re fairly close. It’s also useful for shooting out walls, hatches and barricades. The FMG-9 sub machine gun doesn’t pack much of a punch, but its fire rate is among the best in the game.

Secondary weapons include the 226 MK 25 pistol, which is nothing to really gush about, and the MAC 11. The best choice by a country mile is the MAC. Equipped with a handle, this 17 bullet magazine SMG can put down enemies fast. Packing a surprising amount of accuracy, it’s the perfect companion to Smoke’s shotgun.

Gadget choice is a split between Nitro Cell and barbed wire, with the former providing a much better option.

Strengths -

Strong counter to any shield user

Great at slowing enemy team progression

Can dominate smaller maps

Weakness -

Only one gas bag can be used at a time

Tricky to make full use of bags

Open to causing team damage and damage to hostage

Works Best With: Pulse (depending on voice coms)


Armour Rating 2/3

Speed Rating 2/3

Mute is a pain in the arse, it’s just that simple. His signal disrupter can be a true thorn in the side for any attacking team. Each disrupter can render drones, breach charges and cluster charges useless. Much like Smoke, it all comes down to positioning. A well placed disrupter can counter Fuze’s feared cluster while also stopping any near by Drones. Preparation phases are where Mute’s skills become vital.

Placing a disrupter at the top of stairs can stop any drones from jumping over the device. Blocking vents is also recommend, mainly due to there being no way to pass the disrupter. Finding the point where reinforced walls and windows meet is a fantastic disrupter spot.


Good Mute players will place their disrupter in drone blocking potions for the preparation phase, only to move them soon after. This active play allows for objectives to stay hidden, while also covering potential attacking entry points. Hiding a disrupter behind armoured shields or Rook’s armour pack is also an option.

The only problem Mute has is Thatcher’s EMP grenades. One well placed grenade and take out a cluster of electronics. Paying attention to door ways, windows and vents is worth doing, put won’t offer a complete solution to the EMP problem.

Mute can work well with Bandit as both Operators can make reinforced walls unbreachable. As mentioned before, Thatcher can render this partnership fruitless, even more so given the visual give away of electrified walls.

Strengths and weakness fall mostly on how good/bad the enemy Thatcher player is. If left untouched, disrupter placements can make attacking a true challenge. One or two well placed EMP grenades can change it all. There is of course the possibility of working with Jager in order to place ADS units to defend a disrupter.

With a choice between the 591A1 shotgun and MP5K SMG, Mute has good options at hand. The shotgun offers stopping power and the ability to create holes in the relevant surfaces. Widely seen as the game’s best SMG, the MP5K provides power and accuracy. Side arm choice is restricted to the 226 MK 25, which isn’t all that bad.

Gadgets include a single Nitro cell and deployable shield, giving Mute so strong defensive and offensive choices.

Strengths -

Can counter drones, breach charges and grenade clusters

MP5K provides the best overall combat performance

Strong gadget options

Weakness -

A good Thatcher player ruin Mute’s disrupter placements with ease.

Works Best With: Bandit and Jager

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