Rainbow Six: Siege Operator Breakdown – SAS Attackers

Rainbow Six: Siege Operator Breakdown – SAS Attackers

Rainbow Six: Siege features a diverse cast of characters. Their differing abilities and equipment open up the game in a number of profound ways. Each Operator can turn the tide of any given game. Breaching through armoured walls, setting traps or supply aid to team mates, they all have their place. Forming effective combinations is key to success. This feature will cover each Police force featured in Siege, highlighting their pros and cons.


SAS – Attacking Operators



Armour Rating 2/3

Speed Rating 2/3

His effectiveness is dependent on the map and team set-up. Sledge’s breaching hammer instantly smashes through barricades and standard walls. The hammer thrives in larger maps such as Consulate and Kafe. Bursting through barricades allows for attacking players to move much quicker around the map. There’s the added benefit of not giving your position away.

Smaller maps are a challenge. Smashing open barricades instantly exposes Sledge to fire. Plane is a prime example of how vulnerable Sledge can be. The narrow nature of the corridors makes hammer use risky.


Desired team compositions include shield users such as Blitz and Montagne. Sledge can instantly smash barricades, allowing for shield users to take point. The combination allows for much quicker progress.

Sledge has good choice between a L85A2 (assault rifle) and the M590A1 (shotgun). The M590A serves as the best option, mainly due to Sledge supporting aggressive play. Frag grenades and breach charges give him the edge in non-hostage situations.



His hammer can allow teams to progress much faster.

Fantastic for aggressive players

Strong choice of weapons and gadets


Weaknesses -

Often exposed in smaller maps without the aid of shield bearing Operators

Prone to triggering Kapkan’s traps


Works Best With: Blitz, Montagne, Fuze


Thatcher -

Armour Rating 2/3

Speed Rating 2/3


One of the more underrated Operators, Thatcher is a fantastic counter to many defenders. His EMP grenades can take out cameras, C4, disrupter beacons, traps and batteries. Using the grenades wisely can change the momentum of a round. Thatcher can take out defence from either side of a wall. Electrified armoured walls can be powered down with a single grenade, allowing Thermite to breach them.

Thatcher is generally flexible, allowing him to be useful on every map. His only weakness is a limited choice of weaponry. With access to only two weapons, both of which are assault rifles, his close range efficiency is lacking.


While the EMP grenades won’t KO friendly drones, but they will destroy Fuze’s cluster charge. Friendly breach charges are also affected. Thatcher fits into any composition but is most effective Thermite.

Mid-range combat is where Thatcher thrives. Both the AR33 and L85A2 provide strong bases of fire. Stun grenades and breaching charges make up the gadget choice.



EMP grenades can greatly weaken defending teams assets.

AR33 assault rifle packs plenty of power

Stun grenades work perfectly for clearing out rooms

Weakness -

Mistakenly destroying team gadgets happens often.

Lack of flexibility in weapon choice


Works Best With: Thermite






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