Rainbow Six: Siege Black Ice Update Causes Horrific Bugs

Rainbow Six: Siege Black Ice Update Causes Horrific Bugs

The latest Rainbow Six: Siege update has fixed, tweaked and added a number of things. Thatcher finally has a shotgun, objectives are listed on Operator selection screens and there’s a nice new map. It’s not all that’s been added, there’s a few bugs and glitches currently doing the rounds.

While a few bugs and glitches were to be expected, some of these new issues are pretty bad. The first major bug is head shots do little to no damage at times. Pounding bullets into someone’s skull should, and used to, kill them. Since the Black Ice update, headshots have became utterly inconsistent. As you would assume, the headshot issue is a pretty big deal give the dynamic of the game and the importance of each team member/enemy.

Melee attacks (mainly the basic knife) have also became ineffective. There’s a host of examples in which a player repeatedly slashes their target, with little damage being inflicted. Pre-Black Ice updates, melee attacks would often result in one hit kills.

Kapkan’s trip wires can no be hidden, making them impossible to detect. The red laser can now be removed by some in-game trickery, giving the defending team a huge advantage. There’s even some cases of player’s hiding the large red spike that hints towards a near by trap.

The issues seem to be much more prevalent on consoles than they do PC, but they do exist on both. Matchmaking has been limping since the update, with casual matches taking longer and ranked being rather unbalanced.

Player frustration is starting to increase, even more so with Ubisoft remaining rather quiet on fixes. It would be a shame for Siege, a great multiplayer experience, to die a slow death due to negligence. Matchmaking issues and the odd glitch is easy to look passed, but these new bugs can ruin a play session.

Sean Halliday

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