Q*bert Rebooted: The Xbox One @!#?@! Edition – Review

Price: $9.99
Release Date: February 12th, 2016
Genre: Platformer
Platform: Xbox One
Developer: LOOT Games

If you grew up in the old-school era of arcade machines then there’s a pretty high chance that you’ll recognize the name of Q*bert. It first released back in 1982, and now we’re sitting with a brand new version of the classic which released last year, but only came to Xbox One this year. Let’s dive in, and see if nostalgia glasses have any effect here.

Q*Bert Rebooted is an isometric-platformer game in which you jump on blocks to change their colours to complete a level, and back in the day it was the precursor to these types of games. When you first boot up Rebooted you’ll have two options. The first, you can dive into the old-school version of the game from the arcade machine days where save points and progress weren’t a thing, and thus it becomes the more difficult of the options, and sadly the controls don’t really make the experience all that enjoyable when using the Xbox One controller. When I was a kid I remember going to an arcade in Niagara Falls and them having a Q*bert machine and I remember playing the crap out of it and running out of quarters in no time flat. The game was super difficult but the machine’s controls felt better all those years ago than the controller as there seems to be problems with the input when wanting to jump in a direction.

I found myself plunging to my death, or getting killed by the enemies numerous times because the game sent me in a completely different direction than what I had pressed.

Classic looking Q*bert

It just sort of boggles my mind that a game that came out about 34 years ago controls better than it did on an arcade machine than it does on the latest generation of consoles. It’s incredibly odd, and makes me wish for an arcade peripheral for my Xbox One (would fight-sticks work?).

The issues with controls aside, the game does invoke a level of nostalgia if you’re familiar with Q*bert and seeing the little orange guy hop around on the cubes brings back memories of days spent in those arcades spending tons of quarters at the machines. That being said, nostalgia shouldn’t be the sole reason you’re interested in a game, we as gamers have been burned numerous times from thee ole’ nostalgia glasses.

The “Rebooted” version really just changes up the visuals, and throws Q*bert into a 3D model and just seems to serve the purpose of making the game look prettier than the pixel-art of the 80s. There’s not really much to say about the rebooted side of the game other than the visuals, the fact that there is now a progress system which saves your progress in between levels which is a welcomed touch, since the game can get surprisingly difficult at times, but yet doesn’t seem to capture the difficulty of the original game. You can also buy different skins for your Q*bert so you have options other than playing as the standard Q*bert skin, which again this is a nice touch as it adds a collectible aspect to the game with collecting the gems scattered around the levels, which in turn allow you to buy these new characters.

Q*bert Rebooted is a great idea for people who played Q*bert on the arcade machines way back, but the clunky and clumsy controls for the game really make it hard to recommend for fans. If you played the game back on an arcade machine and didn’t like it than you’re not really going to enjoy this iteration as it’s really just more of the same, but with updated visuals and character selection.

$10 is an alright deal, but I’d more likely recommend a cheaper iteration like the Steam, or the Free version on iOS. Either way, it’s really, really hard to recommend even with the cheaper versions out there.


Justin Ross

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