Noob Friendly Prowler Mode Detailed For Monster Hunter Generations

Noob Friendly Prowler Mode Detailed For Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom have released a new trailer for the next entry into the Monster Hunter franchise. Generations will feature new monsters, quests, items along with a new mode named ‘Prowler’.

Palicoes have long been a Hunter’s best friend, helping with material gathering and combat, but in Generations they can be directly controlled. Playing as Felyne acts as the perfect introduction to the franchise. Prowler mode allows players to embark on all of the Hunter quests, as well as some Prowler-specific quests and item sets. This mode streamlines the game’s core mechanics, making gathering, fishing and bug-catching much simpler. With all these materials on offer, Prowler mode makes forging equipment and armour much easier.

There’s no need for Prowlers to stock up on items before embarking on a quest. There’s no limit on their stamina, meaning they can freely dodge and attack at will. Potions aren’t even required, in order to instantly gain their HP back Prowlers only need to chow down on a acorn. In addition to all this, Prowlers have the ability to bring two Palicoes into battle with them, forming their own little party.

The entirety of Monster Hunter Generations can be played in Prowler mode, acting as the perfect learning tool for new players

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