Popcap’s Free DLC Support of Garden Warfare Should be Praised

Popcap’s Free DLC Support of Garden Warfare Should be Praised

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has proven itself to be sheer class. There’s a wonderful sense of innocent video game thrills deep within the heart of the game. Popcap have created a product that reflects the company’s quirky nature and approach to game design. But as is the case with any multiplayer game, its lifespan is partially dependent on support from the developers in the form of additional content.

The modern multiplayer experience is often supported by paid DLC, usually consisting of a few new maps and the odd weapon or two for a price point normally above the £10 mark. With all this considered, Popcap’s recent announcement of free DLC for Garden Warfare should be truly celebrated and respected. For the low price of absolutely nothing, Popcap are supplying their latest creation with a new map, EIGHT new modes, and TWENTY-FOUR new abilities. Normally free content is a few superfluous cosmetics and maybe an additional variation of an existing game mode. If this free content is a signal of intent, then Popcap look like they are truly set to support Garden Warfare for the long haul.


Given the game’s family-friendly nature, this free DLC will come as welcome news. It’s rare that a game that caters for younger children receives extra content, let along this much content. Considering the questionable nature in which a lot of big companies use DLC to bleed their customers dry, it’s refreshing to see Popcap promise a chunk of free content to support what is seen as a rather niche game. Thankfully Garden Warfare has proven itself both in terms of commercial and critical success. Word of mouth is doing its job as people become more aware of the game’s quality, hopefully further increasing the sales.

With EA being seen as something of the ugly face of video games, it’s nice to see them allow Popcap to throw out a hefty slice of content free of charge. Hopefully people will react favorably to this and buy into Garden Warfare; after all, supporting a game that is receiving free DLC is a strong way to make a statement, perhaps even challenging how EA approach DLC in the future. For now, bow your head in respect towards Popcap and their fantastic attitude.

Sean Halliday

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