Pokemon X/Y’s Post Game Leaves Much To Be Desired

Pokemon X/Y’s Post Game Leaves Much To Be Desired

Pokemon X/Y were the first 3D installments in the main Pokemon franchise and in my eyes  they did a lot of things right. The customization of the main character, the cool new designs of the new pocket monsters and even the addition of Mega Evolutions, a feature that I actually quiet enjoyed. Although I did enjoy a lot of things that Game Freak threw our way, there is one thing that I can honestly say that disappointed me. The post game.

I don’t always think of Pokemon games bringing a huge post game to the table, but this time around should have been different. The hop to the 3DS gave Game Freak the opportunity to add additional depth to their title, yet they left the consumer wanting more.

Unlike most people, I had a lot of fun playing through the main story of X/Y. I liked Team Flare, I liked the group of friends we were given and I even liked the gym set pieces. That feeling of “Wow, I’m back in the Pokemon universe and it feels great” was present in my head the whole time during the main campaign. Sadly though, that came to an end after I beat the Elite Four, the Champion and the final cut scene played.

I felt as if that excitement and enjoyment suddenly fell off once I was left alone in the world to do whatever I wanted. Yes the world was the same, yes the Pokemon were the same, but that sense of adventure felt, at least to me, borderline dead.

Now you might say, “Rich, you’re dumb. There’s plenty to do. You can go and catch Mewtwo, you can catch Zygrade, you can rematch the Elite 4, you can EV train or you can go to the Battle Mansion.” Yes these are all true, but simply put these are a bit stale in my eyes. Let me be clear, I love Mewtwo and he will always hold a special place in my gaming heart as one of my first legendaries, but the fact that all one has to do to catch him is literally walk straight into a cave and throw a Master Ball makes the event itself a bit boring.

Next up is the Zygrade. This is one of the few Pokemon from this generation that actually let me down. Plain and simple, Zygrade does not have the look of a legendary and that alone makes me not want to seek it out and add it to my team.

Now the Elite Four. Where everyone complains about the gym leaders, I see the Elite Four members as a bigger letdown. I never got that feeling of “Oh man, this one is going to be close and down to the wire.” Maybe it’s because I had a strong team, but the E4 really disappointed me. That want of revisiting them to pummel them into the ground once again just isn’t there.

I’ll just be blunt with you, the rest of those things that I listed just aren’t all that appealing to this Pokefan. Yes it might be cool to have a super powered EV-trained Pokemon, but this game really doesn’t require it due to its easier nature. Yes the Friend Safari is a cool idea, but it gets boring after two or three tries.

I think the biggest tell of this game not having a lasting effect for me is a simple one. After heading back up to my university, I accidentally left my 3DS XL at home with Pokemon Y inside of it. Not once have I thought to myself, “man I wish I could play my 3DS and Pokemon right now.” This is a feeling that has shown me that X/Y didn’t stick it’s hooks in me post game.

Don’t take my negativity as hatred for this game. I loved every second of my play through of Y and I’m starting another one on X. I love the world and I love the characters, I just wish there was more to to once I finished the story mode. If you haven’t got a chance to get your hands on this title, I highly encourage you to do it. It’s a fun experience that any Pokefan will enjoy.


So what are your thoughts on X/Y’s post game? Do you think I’m horribly off  base, or do you see my side of the argument? Is there more to do that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments!

Rich Drummond


  1. Christian
    November 11, 2013, 9:07 pm

    Well, there are the Looker Missions in Lumiose City, accessed by going to the building that was previously empty and “open for lease” in the alleyway between Route 14 and Rouge Plaza. It’s not a very long quest, since new missions are unlocked immediately after the last one, by leaving the alleyway (which gets annoying fairly quick, ducking back in and out of the alleyway to get your next objective), but it adds an extra element to the end game.

  2. Christian
    November 11, 2013, 9:16 pm

    OH! And you can battle one of the characters that show up in the Looker missions once a day by visiting the Looker Bureau at morning or night. And you can battle your rival once a day in Kiloude City behind the Battle Maison. I can’t think of much else there is to do, other than working at Hotel Richissime, which is another way to make decent money (6,000 per job each day (three jobs total), and then you get a pay raise if you do the jobs perfectly up to 10,000 per job).

  3. Grace
    March 31, 2014, 8:31 pm

    You’re right. The creators were going in the right direction with character customization (I was sold!) and I absolutely loved the over-the-shoulder POV in Lumoise. But this gal is used to PC games too and I mostly play stuff like the Sims or open world games. This is my first time playing a handheld since Game Boy Color/Advance which would also make it my first Pokemon game in a loong time! Excitment would not begin to describe how I felt when I took everything out of the boxes and started playing. But like you said it all died off once I beat the main game. I was hoping for more to see, explore and do. And since I am a huge fan of the Sims, it ‘d be great it we had a bit of that in Pokemon(for example, have a house, work, travel to different regions or other mundane stuff we do IRL) in addition to the main game and be able to explore more territory without the having to obtain a gym badge first. Those were probably not the greatest examples but that was sort of potential that I saw -or I could just be a Sims fanatic- in this game. If only they let us live our Pokemon dream. And if they did do that and made it for PC…!

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