Pokemon Go Spawns Its Own Third Party Market – Accounts Going For Over £100

Pokemon Go Spawns Its Own Third Party Market – Accounts Going For Over £100

As with every game that requires time and effort, Pokemon Go has spawned its own third party market.

The same way in which you can buy gold in various MMORPGS, or straight up buy accounts, Pokemon Go seems no different. E-bay is covered in various listings promising Pokemon and services. For £1 you can get three Pokemon with the listing describing the service as -


” Fed up of catching characters 

I will catch 3 Random characters if purchased between 8:00 GMT until 18:00 GMT Mon-Fri will usually take around 2 hours. Outside of these hours may take slightly longer, thank you! When purchasing please place account details in buyers notes section 

Don’t forget 5* if your happy with my service, thanks”


£3 can get you ten ‘free’ Pokemon -

Do you not have time to catch Pokemon?

This is a Pokemon go account booster! I will log onto your account and randomly catch you 10 Pokemon! I cannot guarantee that there will not be duplicates but if there are i will catch more!

What to do?

once you have bought the item i will directly message you and you will send me your account details, i will then log on and catch you Pokemon. once i have caught the Pokemon i will message you when im done!

How long will this take?

I am always online between 12:00 and 17:00 so once i have got your account it should take 25-60 minutes!

always message me before hand when purchasing this item.”

Heck, you can hire people out to walk around certain areas and catch the Pokemon you want. They’ll even avoid catching common creatures like Rattata and Pidgey. But what if you just want to straight up pay your way to the top? well, you’re covered! E-bay is filled with various sellers trying to flog their high level accounts. The prices range from £60-£500, depending on the amount/rarity of Pokemon present.


One listing in particular started with a price of £500, but has since been trolled bidded to £6,100. Does it reflect disapproval towards the third party market? probably, but it could just be people slapping down the greedy.

It’s worth noting that most of these listing require access to your Pokemon Go account. If there truly is a real world value attached to these accounts, handing over their details is risky. There’s very little standing in the way of some listing a Pokemon Go service only to steal your account with the view to sell it. This was a practice that was extremely popular with the likes of World of Warcraft, Runescape and Everquest.


People would ‘purchase’ power levelling, hand over their details and soon find that their account was no longer theirs. Once said account was max level, you’d see it on the market for sale. Paranoia took hold, leading to the more popular option of ‘botting’ (think Wow glider) your way to max level. Could the same happen to Pokemon Go? It’s hard to tell just yet.

The third party market opens up a whole heap of potential issues, even if Nintendo/Niantic/E-bay attempt to crack down on the practices.




Sean Halliday

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