PlayStation 4 and Vita Owners Should Be Excited For Darkest Dungeon

PlayStation 4 and Vita Owners Should Be Excited For Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon has been slaughtering PC players by the masses for sometime now.

After a long period in early access, Darkest Dungeon officially released this month. It’s best described as a mixture between Dark Souls with a dash of X-com and Dungeons and Dragons. Players are tasked with conquering various dungeons in order to take down greater evils. The twist comes in the shape of managing party member’s stress levels and mental state.

Each party member can greatly affect the player’s efforts, mostly in a negative manner. Those who succumb to stress will suffer from various aliments, eventually leading to their permanent death. At its very core, Darkest Dungeon is a wonderfully brutal experience which refuses to hold the player’s hand, preferring to spit into it.

It’s the perfect pick up and play game…just as long as you don’t mind encountering failure time after time. Capturing the sense of threat that so many games can not do, Darkest Dungeon uses failure as its deadliest weapon. Death stalks the player at every turn, the next fight could be their last. Permanent death instantly gives each encounter a true sense of weight, as well as a personal connection.

We’ve seen these traits in various games from across years, namely X-Com. Growing a party of characters, learning their skills, traits, strengths and weakness…only to see them die. Unforgiving mechanics can turn the most simple of fights into a struggle, but it’s rewarding. Scrapping through battles carries a huge buzz, even if it means retreat is the only option.


For all it’s brutality, the game looks and sounds fantastic. The art style oozes with Gothic influences with touches of comic panels. Enemies bare terrible grins, contorted limbs and twisted faces.  It’s sheer nightmare fuel, suiting the game’s tone perfectly. Each step the player takes is accompanied by a booming narrating voice. Success was celebrated, failures are bemoaned. The overall result is a sense of dread and looming failure that is unshakeable, perfectly capturing the constant struggle to survive.

With Darkest Dungeon heading to both the PS4 and Vita in spring, Sony fans should be excited. The Vita is the perfect home for such a game, allowing players to embark on quick quests on the go. It’ll be interesting to see strongly the console user base takes to one of the PC’s modern cult classics.

Sean Halliday

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