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Infamous Second Son: Rich Drummond

It may not be the system-seller that some hyped it up to be, but inFAMOUS: Second Son is a must have for any gamer who already owns a PlayStation 4. From the lighting, to the voice acting and everything in between, this game hits on all cylinders for me. Delsin is a superbly voice-acted by Troy Baker and really comes off as a believable human being. What caught me most off guard about this title is the lighting. Yes the graphics themselves are crisp and smooth, but many times throughout my play through I just stopped and marveled at the many types of lighting that the folks at Sucker Punch created. Those two things combined with a nice array of powers and combos to unlock make inFAMOUS: Second Son a game that I can’t recommend enough.

DARK SOULS II: Justin Ross

I’m not really used to getting this invested into a game. Skyrim was the last title that did this for me, and I sunk over 250+ hours into that game with my initial playthrough. Now we have Dark Souls II and it’s easily the best game I’ve put into my Xbox 360. Hell, it might even be my favorite title from the last-generation of consoles. I’ve only had the game for about a week and I’ve sunk nearly 70 hours into the game, and that’s with a full-time job to boot. It’s difficult, but not to the point of taking away the enjoyment. This series tortures you, beats you, and just relentlessly kicks you while you’re down. However, when you redeem yourself and overcome those obstacles it’s quite possibly the best feeling I’ve ever had playing a videogame. Dark Souls II is a masterpiece of a title, and as it stands right now it’s my favorite game on the Xbox 360.

Diablo III – Reaper Of Souls: Sean Halliday

It was a pretty close contest between the rebirth of Diablo and the brilliant InFamous: Second Son. Reaper of Souls marks the evolution of Diablo 3 as it finally hits the level of quality most expected and longed for when the game game made it’s dissatisfying debut. Literally ever fixable issue has been addressed, allowing Diablo 3 to become a truly great game that gives the fans something to be proud of. New skills, new loot system, new areas and that wonderful hammer throwing Holy Man of power the Crusader, it’s all beautiful. Hours upon hours have already been invested into Diablo 3, and with Reaper of Souls, there’s plenty of more hours to be spent inside of Tristram.

Justin Ross

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