PixelGate Cast – The Overwatch Butt Scandal Was Never About The Butt

PixelGate Cast – The Overwatch Butt Scandal Was Never About The Butt

Who knew a simple change in a Beta could spark such discussion? After growing up with Blizzard games from the age of 9, the reaction to their latest decision has struck me as odd. Never before has Blizzard found themselves in the middle in such a ferocious discussion. But was it ever about the pose in the first place? or is this all part of a much larger discussion? Blizzard have found themselves in a sticky spot, a spot in which they can not win. They won’t be the last either at this rate.


Sean Halliday (@linko64) talks about the Blizzard’s decision to change Tracer’s pose, and the resulting reaction.

* side note – When saying the person who complaint should ‘never play another Blizzard game again’ this was in realtion to them ever playing Diablo/Starcraft/Warcraft, not Overwatch

Sean Halliday

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  1. Tim Larkin
    March 30, 2016, 2:34 am

    Blizzard had a choice, and they made the wrong one. There is no logical way to debate this. It is about making a choice between good and evil. Feminism is against beautiful women, and against women behaving in a way that is pleasing to men. Feminism is envy. To enjoy the suffering of a person’s loss, or to feel sad at a person’s gain is to envy. A child knows far more than any feminist. He looks up at his parents and sees a mother and a father. He could never see two androgenous beings. He also loves them both equally. It is not wrong for women to be feminine. It is not wrong for them to make feminine poses. It is not wrong for a man to be happy at the sight of Tracer’s innocent pose.

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