People Do Care About Dead Or Alive Extreme 3

People Do Care About Dead Or Alive Extreme 3

Dead Or Alive Extreme 3 has became something of a hot property. It’s an odd concept, a series of games known for one thing, and it’s not the gameplay. Even though this is the third entry, people have suddenly decided it’s a release worth fighting for. Dead Or Alive Extreme 3 is no longer just a video game, it’s a sign of the times.

The trouble stems around the lack of release in the Western market. Citing the issues around video games and women. This, of course, resulted in a number of reactions from across the video game culture. Furious cries of censorship, smug tweets proclaiming some kind of victory, a truly bizarre mixing pot.

Lines have been drawn, tribal warfare has been declared. All this over a franchise, long since mocked, that was never taken seriously. The game’s existence seemed enough to encourage outrage. Retailer PlayAsia came under fire for simply doing what it’s always done, selling games.

In truth, people do care, and people need to understand this. Whether you find the game distasteful, awful and offensive, it still has it’s market. The situation involving DoA Extreme 3 has been hijacked by people looking for a soap box to stand on. People genuinely holding an interest in the game have fallen to the wayside. Those looking to forward their agenda and views are simply surfing off the back of DoA Extreme 3.

From a personal perspective, my interest in the game is non-existent, at least in terms of desire to play it. My concern is more to do with how the reaction and resulting fallout from the game’s limited release. From the bizarre hatred thrown at PlayAsia, to the publishing rights situation, it’s all so weird. DoA Extreme 3 is nothing but a trashy video game, but it’s hardly the first, or the last. For the most part, numerous games within the same vein as DoA Extreme 3 go unchallenged. A quick stroll through Steam will come up with various Anime-big boobed- video games.

Unfortunately, publisher Tecmo Koei’s feelings towards the Western market is worrying. Seemingly afraid of criticism, pulling their game from lucrative Western shores, is disappointing. It’s not disappointing that i won’t get to play the game (honestly, these games have never interested me), it’s disappointing companies fear reaction to their product. We’ve all seen the ugly side of the social media age. Twitter, Facebook, blogs and Youtube make for fine weapons when sharpened.  Can we truly blame Tecmo Koei for not wanting to bare the brunt of people’s venom?

You’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t, Tecmo Koei find themselves in truly sticky situation. DoA Extreme 3 no longer represents a stupid piece of digital eye candy, it’s the accumulation of an argument. Both sides enjoy expressing their views, while claiming anything opposing those views are wrong/*insert bastardized legal term here*. People care about Dead or Alive Extreme  3, and you’ll just have to accept that.



Sean Halliday

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  1. Kamilla
    December 2, 2015, 10:51 pm

    I cared till I realized that DoX3 will not have jet skis, easily the best mini-game in this series. ;__;

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