Overwatch’s Christmas Content Is More Of What Makes Overwatch Great

Overwatch’s Christmas Content Is More Of What Makes Overwatch Great

It’s the Christmas season, Overwatch is in full festive cheer. The latest content drop is filled with Santa hats, elf ears and snowball fights. Aside from all the new skins, sprays and poses, the latest content provides a great example of why Overwatch works so well, and I’m not talking about the gameplay.

Blizzard have masterfully built worlds for years now. Their ability to create new various universes, filling them with characters and lore, is arguably their greatest asset. Much like World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch is filled with little details that breathe life into the world.


At this point, we’ve all fallen in-love with the characters, even with their limited back story. Their traits and personalities allow them to become more than just a role within the game. Tracer could have just been ‘the fast one’, Reinhardt left as nothing but ‘the shield guy’, but they’re more than that.

Each character doesn’t just feel unique, they act it. Their one liners when they take down a enemy, their remarks when someone gives them a heal. It’s a collection of little touches that give the game, as well as the heroes, some personality. Interactions between the characters is something Overwatch does wonderfully. Various bits of backstory and lore are exposed in these interactions, supplying some level of humanity to a game about heroes.


Blizzard could have messed it up, they really could. Forcing interactions and overdoing one liners is a problem a lot of games suffer from. Blizzard does it in such a organic way that it becomes second nature. Throughout the game, players can find little touches that link heroes together.

The recent Christmas content provides a great example of this, focusing in on two characters. Roadhog and Junkrat are partners in crime, popping up throughout Overwatch’s lore. Those with a keen eye would have noticed Roadhog’s latest festive skin features a neat detail on his gun. Tucked away on the side of Roadhog’s scrap cannon is a short message reading ‘From Junkrat’. It’s a tiny touch that would normally go untouched, but its just another reason why Overwatch works so well.


Everything feels connected, creating a sense of a genuine world with history and current events. The Christmas event is just another step in Overwatch’s growth, both as a game and a world. The quirks and mannerism of each character, mixed with the interlinking nature of the world, that’s what makes Overwatch flourish.

Sean Halliday

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