Overwatch McCree & D.VA Changes – Why & How They Could Be Altered

Overwatch McCree & D.VA Changes – Why & How They Could Be Altered

The first batch of changes for Overwatch are already under consideration. The two main Heroes in the spot light are D.VA and McCree, both at opposite ends when it comes to performance.

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McRee’s ultimate is feared within the game, essentially one shotting most people caught in his cross hairs. His general damage output is currently under observation. The skill in questions seems to be his flash bang ability.


Its effectiveness is well known, acting as a great way to counter fast Heroes (Tracer/Genji) as well as cancelling a number of ultimate attacks. The problem seems to be that the skill is almost too good at dealing damage.

The issues seems to stem around how much damage Flashbang does to Tank Heroes and barriers. McRee can pretty much ruin anyone’s day with a flash bang + Alternative fire combo, tanks included. It’s not yet clear exactly what changes will be made, but calls for increased cool downs seem to be a popular suggestion on the official forums.

Now for the theory and suggestion/speculation 

From a more logical stand point, the stun would see a reduction in damage. Reducing the damage of the alternative fire, at least to a point, would allow McCree to stay as a good Genji/Tracer counter while halting him from taking out tanks with ease. This change would also increase the effectiveness and need for Torbjorn’s armour packs and Symmetra’s shield boost.

McCree vs Zarya

D.VA will most likely be the first Hero to be buffed, or at least her suit will. At the moment, her Mech’s damage output is a little low. The size of the Mech dome is also a issue that will be addressed. In its current state, D.VA’s mech is open to critical headshot damage. This, of course, allows players to take out the mech with ease. As someone who often exploits this with Roadhog (e.g. Chain drag D.VA towards me, two close range shots to the Mech’s head) this change feels like a good step forward. Hopefully it will increase her effectiveness.

Coming from the perspective as someone who plays Tanks, D.Va is just not effective in her current form. It takes her too long to do the role she was deigned to do. Her mobility (thanks to the flying ability) is handy for claiming overtime, but the ease in which she is killed is a issue. As a tank, she is far too easy to kill in her current state.


As a tank, D.Va is a odd Hero. Her generally low health/shields combined with the large head shot hit box reduces her effectiveness in the role. Changing the hit box is a small, but positive change. It’ll increase survivability, allowing her to build the self-destruct ultimate at a similar rate to other Heroes.

It’s good news that Blizzard are already looking at balance, even more so for D.VA. She’s became one of the fan favourites, even with her in-game short comings. How would you improve/nerf either McRee or D.VA?




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