Overwatch – Collector’s Edition Listing Appears On Amazon

Overwatch – Collector’s Edition Listing Appears On Amazon

With less than 24 hours before Blizzcon, Overwatch has seemingly been outed as a multi-format title which will now also come with a collectors edition.

It’s suspected that one of Blizzard’s surprise reveals would be the appearance on Overwatch on consoles. US retailer Gamestop leaked the information via listing the game on PC, Xbox One & PS4, spoiling the announcement. Today saw further developments with Amazon listing a collector’s edition on all three systems, costing $129.99 respectively. No details have been given about what exactly comes with the collectors edition. Given past Blizzard release, art books and in-game skins and content are often included.


PC  Pre-order

Xbox One Pre-order

PS4 Pre-order


Overwatch is currently in the closed Beta phase, with further keys due to be sent out after this year’s Blizzcon.

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