Outlast II: Gameplay Reveal

Outlast II: Gameplay Reveal

If you’ve read my posts, and review pertaining to Outlast you’d know I’m a massive fan of the horror series which took me by complete surprise, and gave me one of the most thrilling, yet terrifying experiences I’ve ever had. Today, at PAX East, the developers of Outlast II, The Red Barrels had set up a booth at the convention where people could sit down and get their hands on a playable demo of the sequel and it looks completely terrifying.

Down below is the official gameplay provided by GameSpot.

In the sequel we seem to be thrust into some backwoods/countryside setting, which is a great setting and can provide some great set pieces in terms of horror. In the video we see the protagonist running through a cornfield and trying to survive, all while showcasing some new elements in the “hiding” system that was present in the first game. It also tells us that we’ll be seeing the return of the camera/night vision system from the original game.

I’m extremely excited to see the return to the franchise, and curious to see what new things we’ll be given when the sequel drops later this year. I’ll be doing my best to cover everything about the game leading up to release, and of course you can expect a review from us when the game drops to the public.

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