Outlast 2: What I’d Like To See

Outlast 2: What I’d Like To See

Warning, this article will contain spoilers that pertain to Outlast, and its DLC component Whistleblower.

Outlast, and Outlast: Whistleblower are scary games and they have some wonderful set pieces and have some events that could easily setup some future events for the Outlast series. Seriously, this game deserves a sequel and it’s a series I can’t recommend enough for horror fans. It’s good, and the DLC was even better than the core game. Without further ado I’ve compiled a list of things I’d like to see pop up, or even happen in case we get a second iteration in the franchise.

People might not agree with my ideas, but hey I’d also like to hear yours too. I bet everyone has some killer ideas for future Outlast titles.

1: Longer Story

Outlast was a pretty short game, with me finishing the entire thing in a little under 5 hours. While the game was good, it did feel a little underwhelming in terms of length. I’d like to see a large scope of a game in Outlast 2, and just a longer experience in general. Imagine all the horror, scares, and glory from the Outlast series but maybe stretched out into 10-15 hours. However, I’d rather have a short and exciting horror game then one that’s too long and which loses its appeal after a while. I do feel like Red Barrels could make a lengthy experience in the Outlast world and actually make it enjoyable for the whole experience.

2: New Settings

Even though we’ve seen the end of the Mount Massive story considering the ending in both Outlast, and Outlast: Whistleblower it still makes me want more Outlast and obviously the story would have to travel to new locales to actually do this. The one setting I keep going back to is a small town. Of course I don’t know how things could work considering that the inmates were most of the threat in the original game and DLC so we’d have a new form of danger for the player.

That being said at the end of Whistleblower there’s mention of when Waylon emails all of his footage from Mount Massive that his life would effectively be over and everyone he cares for and loves would be at risk because of this. So, maybe we could see the corporation do something to him and his family? Take him to some remote location, release something in Waylon’s hometown to cause the locals to go crazy? Think of it like The Crazies meets The Purge. Who really knows what would work, and what could be done in terms of a new locale. I just don’t think we’d be taking a return trip to Mount Massive considering what happened with the Walrider, and most of the faculty inside.

3: More Of Those Juicy Villains

One of my favorite bits of Outlast are its villains. Not the typical baddies that chase you around the halls of the asylum but the big names. The guys who stand out and are just severely creepy. In Outlast we had the wonderfully sinister Trager who took the whole creepy doctor thing to the next level, and the hulking beast that was Chris Walker who would stalk you in certain moments of the game and was just a terrifying foe to behold. You also can’t forgot The Twins who were two naked dudes with dicks dangling about as they tried to cut you up.

Whistleblower’s villains may have been a little more…bizarre. We had Frank Manera who was a cannibal and would stalk the player around the asylum with an electric saw which made things so very tense when you’d hear the blades begin to spin along with his constant talking of eating you. Not to mention the wonderful Eddie Gluskin “The Groom” who is essentially hunting you down to “impregnate” you. He leaves behind some pretty gnarly victims, and his methods of murder involve cutting off genitals or just mutilating them in general. Lovely right?

Let’s just see more of this in the next game. They’re obviously good at making memorable antagonists so let’s see that continue. Maybe someone who likes to wear the skin of the people they kill, or something eerie along those lines. I know it’s cliched but I’d still love to see an insane, creepy clown in a game like this. The clown in Dead Rising didn’t exactly creep me out.

4: Re-playability

One of my other gripes with Outlast, and its DLC are the lack of replay value in them. You play through them once and that’s about it. I’d like a reason to play through the games again (now that there’s achievements in Outlast there’s a reason to go back). But for Outlast 2 or whatever the future titles in the series are called I’d like some replay value. Whether it be multiple endings from various choices you make, achievements, hell maybe even some different branching paths you can take. Maybe step away from a linear horror experience and go to a more open-ended experience.


Justin Ross


  1. jake
    May 11, 2014, 12:53 am

    i think you hit the nail on the head with points 2 and 3.

    as opposed to 1 and 4, if they extend the story the risk of the formula becoming stale is expected. by the end of outlasts 5 hour campaign i was over the run an hide method even though it was a wonderful game, dragging it out like that would deter gamers involvement i feel. replaying the games are only for the hardcore horror fans i feel and they know exactly what they are getting themselves into. forcing gamers to replay for the sake of achievements rather that interest is cheap although i do like your thought of choices and branching story lines.

    thanks for a great article to read :)

    • Justin Ross
      May 11, 2014, 2:53 am

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. kerem
    May 21, 2014, 8:32 pm

    my opinnion is the second full game if even will be released.(hell-deffinietly should be)

    Events will be set up at the very start of the murkof cooperation.Dr.Wernicks early years.His first trials with his experiments.At outlast when we go to the theathre to retrieve the key which will head us upstairs.We heard a short interview of dr.wernicks talking about his first experiments how people thought it was something from the otherworld. The should set around 1954′s.

    I sure it will be darker atmosphere.Maybe we ll se someother sick nazi experiments or crazy nazi doctors and army members.

  3. Sam
    June 5, 2014, 5:00 am

    My idea: You are a female this time, who was one of the three succesful Walridrer patients. Opposed to the Walrider benefitting you like it did Miles it will constantly conflict with you, a raging battle inside you. Helen Grant, a mentioned character in Outlast, gives you heavy medications which cause you to lucid dream.
    In the beginning you are dreaming of roaming as the Walrider, before an unseen person runs towards you in the dream and you wake up. When you awake you find yourself being transported to another facitlity, seeing this as your chance to flee you break from
    your bonds and run.
    You are caught are forced drugs that increase the ratio of your dreaming. You will constantly plag in the dreams while also switching towards reality. The dream/reality could work well of their was certain puzzle solving where it was required. In Lucid Dreaming as the Walride you will solve the mystery of Rudlof Wernicke’s past, your future, and what Helen Garant plans to do to Jeremy Blaire’s facility, Mount Massive Asylum.
    While in reality you will flee from Helen, a psychotic security guard armed with heavy weapons, a money-driven scientist, a female paient who is litearly a perfectonist, while battling the Walrider inside yourself.
    This is just an idea.

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