Outlast 2 Teaser Revealed & What I Want To See In The Sequel

Outlast 2 Teaser Revealed & What I Want To See In The Sequel


So, some of you may know that Outlast was one of my favorite horror games in recent years, even though I had the minor complaint of it getting a little repetitive towards the end, but the horror and over-all feel of the game made up for that small stumble. You can imagine my excitement when the teaser for Outlast 2 dropped this morning, from developer Red Barrels. We don’t know much about the sequel yet, other than the developers promise to torture us like they did with those skin-crawling, disturbed scares from the original game, and amazing DLC Whistleblower, which I still consider above and beyond the core game. Seriously, if you haven’t played the Outlast DLC yet you owe it to yourself to do so.

Speaking of the Outlast 2 teaser, we don’t see much and that’s how I like it. We get to see some imagery of a cross burning in what appears to be a forest clearing, and then it becomes an inverted cross, the symbol of the Antichrist and then the classic night vision we grew to love from the original game shows up, along with numerous pairs of glowing eyes in the woods. It’s a perfect teaser and it has me wondering where the sequel could takes us as the developers have promised new locations, gameplay, characters, etc.

Here’s the teaser!

Now, what do I want from the sequel? Let’s dive a little into that.

  • We’re obviously getting a new setting, even the developers said so! From the tease it looks like it could be taking place in some sort of backwater town/woods. I’m imagining a bunch of crazed rednecks running around doing a bunch of cult-like shit, considering the priest talking and the whole Antichrist symbolism. I’d love to see Outlast take on a sort of Wrong Turn setting/vibe. It would work perfectly!
  • I know this would be an unpopular opinion, but some sort of co-operative feature could be fun. Running through these areas while crazed people chase after you. You dive under a bed, and your buddy dives under the one opposite of you. You both lock eyes as your would-be killer bursts into the room and hunts for the pair of you. The best way to implement this feature would be a sort of voice-chat system where if you’re broadcasting voice from a microphone the enemies can hear it and would get drawn to the sound. Of course, I’d want them to focus on a solid single-player experience, but the chance to play through the story with a friend would be awesome.
  • More memorable psychopaths. Outlast, and the DLC Whistleblower had some great people locked inside the asylum. I’d love to see more people like that, and of course bring back the sort of ‘supernatural’ elements from the previous game. An actual Antichrist thing would be super cool.
  • A longer story would be cool too. Outlast felt super short, and I think I polished it in around 5-6 hours? I’d love to see something pushing the 10-15 hour mark. The devs are comfortable, and know what they’re doing with the horror genre. I have faith in them that they could make a solid horror title that doesn’t get stale after 10 hours or so.


Thanks for reading! Outlast 2 has a release date of Fall 2016 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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