ONE PIECE: Unlimited World Red Review (3DS)

ONE PIECE: Unlimited World Red Review (3DS)

- Review by Ben Leslie ( @LegendHeroBen )

One Piece has been around for more than seventeen years, and is one of the best-selling Manga series in history. From the mastermind of Eiichiro Oda, its Anime is still going today with over 650 episodes that run weekly in Japan. The games themselves have had an impact over the years. One Piece: Unlimited World Red shows a good example of how colourful and well done an Anime game can be for the 3DS. It can ensnare anyone with an eye for crazy pirate adventures.

If you’ve been following the series, World Red follows the adventures of Luffy and his misfit crew, The Straw Hat pirates. This feels more like a spin-off episode or even a movie where Luffy and his crew encounter and befriend a cheerful yet mysterious raccoon named Pato who possesses a shadowy power to create anything drawn onto a leaf. Helping their new friend, the Straw Hat Pirates agree to assist Pato on an ambiguous mission to meet someone. Pato then leads the crew to the Forgotten Island where all the Straw Hat Pirates except Luffy are successively kidnapped by a wicked pirate named The Red Count, who has escaped the lower depths of Impel Down. With Pato’s help, Luffy must fight to recover his crew from the enemy’s grasp and find out exactly what The Red Count’s evil plots are. But they also encounter some of The Straw Hat’s dangerous foes from Caesar Clown, Crocodile and Lucci.

If you’ve played previous games like One Piece: Pirate Warriors, this might feel familiar to you in terms of gameplay. As you come across each of the levels you travel to, you’ll end up at one part of the map with countless enemies or at another area with the same thing. Each of the Straw Hat members you play as has their own battle commands and special attacks that become available for use once their gauge unit is full from fighting enemies. This can feel a little repetitive at times.

You can also capture bugs and catch fish, leading to a mini-game for each of them that typically involve pressing various buttons and directions on the screen in order to capture them and get better at your skills for bug-catching and fishing. You can also expand the town of Trans Town, giving you more options and choices on gaining more new items and extra features from various shops and facilities.

You can send and receive wanted posters to your friends if they also own the game when two systems are in close range. You will automatically pick up your friend’s wanted posters and send your own poster in return, including a scratch card game that only needs at least one coin to play. Its co-operative play can be fun when you can choose a quest level; as you collect more and more pirate points you will be able to choose more higher levels of quests.

The visuals and animations are very impressive to see on a handheld system, but what really lacks about One Piece: Unlimited World Red is that the 3D effect isn’t well implemented at all, meaning you will not be able to see any fighting scenes in 3D-even with the 3D effect turned on.

The camera system, which utilises the touch pad to pan across the screen, is also yet another big problem. This can be a little fiddly to do while fighting through enemies or bosses at the same time, but if you own a Circle Pad Pro this really make the game more comfortable to play. If you have a Wii U you can Data Link with Unlimited World Red. Also, if you own the game on the Wii U, you can transfer your save and data back and forth, meaning that you could play the game at home on the Wii U or on your 3DS if you are out and about.
Getting through the main campaign can take you at least seven hours or more depending on how much you want to get out of the game. This would appeal more to the fans themselves, including a battle colosseum, where you’ll be in an arena fighting waves and waves of enemies and battling various friends and foes from the series. With rough textures and not a hint of good lighting to be found, it at least looks bright and vibrant, while character models are detailed and nicely made. W

ith a well-rounded variety of missions and DLC on the eShop, this should keep anime fans and gamers happy for quite a while.

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