One of the Best Hitman Games In Years – Hitman Go: Definitive Edition Review (PS Vita/PS4/PC)

One of the Best Hitman Games In Years – Hitman Go: Definitive Edition Review (PS Vita/PS4/PC)

Melting Hitman down to its most basic format may sound like an awful idea. Taking away the thrills and frills of the traditional style should set alarm bells ringing, but it’s worked out beautifully. Hitman Go: Definitive Edition is a fresh take on a classic series.

Originally developed and released for mobile phones, Hitman Go goes back to basics while taking a fresh approach. At its heart, Hitman Go is a exercise in pattern recognition and puzzle solving. Played out across several game boxes (each containing 15 boards), players attempt to guide 47 to the end of each area.

Its turn-based piece by piece nature is similar to that of chess. Move the Agent 47 piece, enemy pieces move, repeat. Restricted to one turn per phase, players must observe and plan how where they will move next. The goal of each board is avoiding enemies and escaping the board. At times, boards will task the player with assassinating a target. These sections often require a touch more planning, acting like final challenges of their respected game box.

The core format and gameplay is simple in nature. Each board has 15 stages, with later boards introducing more and more mechanics. Difficulty increases gradually, keeping the game’s gameplay both fresh and challenging. All of the additions are perfectly in tone with the Hitman franchise, oddly more than some of the recent main franchise entries.


By the time outfits changes and trap doors appear, Hitman Go is has fully hits its stride. Simply getting to the end of board is no longer satisfying enough, completing every challenge is where the real glory is. Each board has various extra challenges, increasing the difficulty tenfold.

Hitman Go features a wonderfully simplistic art style. Boards and pieces look like genuine true to life reflections of themselves. From the little details on the enemy pieces, to the set dressing, it all pops off the screen. The Playstation Vita’s screen is the perfect home for Go’s vibrant style. Basic and bare, but always beautiful, there’s very little to complain about in the looks department.


For £6.49, the amount of content Hitman Go: Definitive Edition offers in impressive. The puzzles are challenging, constantly engaging the player’s interest. With over 91 boards to play, with two additional challenges on each board, it’s hard not to see Go as a bargain. Obviously puzzle based games aren’t for everyone, but given the low price point even a curiosity purchase is justifiable.

Hitman Go is one of the best entries into the franchise in years. The Vita version runs and performs admirable thanks to fantastic visuals and fast loading speeds. Perfect for short blast, engaging during long stints, Hitman Go: Definitive Edition is a little gem worthy of both it’s price and your time.

Sean Halliday

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