One of the Best Games In Steams Winter Sale Is Less Than £3

One of the Best Games In Steams Winter Sale Is Less Than £3

Tomorrow is the last day of the Steam Winter sale. That’s one last chance to buy one of the best games in the sale. For less than a Greggs Meal Deal, you could be the proud owner of Door Kickers. Simple in nature, but deceptively deep, it’s truly a little gem.

Released back in 2014, Door Kickers places players in the control of a SWAT unit. The core concept of the game is creating the perfect plan. With its isometric view point, Door Kickers supplies players with a squad and a situation map. Planning entry points, weighing up potential kill zones and blind spots,attention to detail is key.

Planning approaches is a simple mixtures of clicks and drags. Accessible controls tends to mean shallow gameplay, but Door Kickers is far from it. The amount of options open to the player results in each situation feeling unique. There’s never a single method to success, there’s several. Completing a mission is all well and good, but the desire to perfect them…that’s where Door Kickers shines.

Each member of the SWAT unit gains experience with each mission they take part in. As their effectiveness in the field grows, players begin to form a bond. Learning their names, giving them custom call signs, it makes things personal. Death is permanent, intensifying the bond between player and squad member. This is where the creating the perfect plan comes into play.

Pulling off a successful mission, with no death or injuries, is hugely satisfying. Witnessing the breach and clear you set up, the room clear you crafted, it’s gratifying. Successful missions reward players with resources and unlocks. Better performances yield additional equipment and tools available for use, expanding the options available during planing.

Door Kickers is a simple concept executed brilliantly. Setting up plans, preparing movements, it’s entertaining when they go horribly wrong. Failure acts as a lesson, forcing the player to experiment. Naturally uncovering new tactics, mostly to overcome failure, evolves into a mechanic in its own right.

Neat touches such as a slick UI, slow motion final kills and a sweet soundtrack gives Door Kickers a polished finished. On the surface, Door Kicker doesn’t seem like much, but it’s packing a huge amount of hidden depth. Planning moves, learning and growing from mistakes, pulling off the perfect plan, it’s fantastic. For under £3, there’s no excuse not to try the joys of Door Kickers.

Sean Halliday

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