One of 2015′s Best PC Games Is Heading To Consoles

One of 2015′s Best PC Games Is Heading To Consoles

Appearing on a number of best games of 2015 lists, Party Hard made quite a name for its self. The tongue-in cheek slasher simulator garnered healthy sales and praises after its PC release.

Developer TinyBguild Games, also known for Punch Club, is bringing the party to consoles. Party Hard is set for release on both Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

Party Hard is a fair mix of strategy, stealth and silliness, resulting in some pretty hilarious moment. The PC version was packed with various levels and unlockables, encouraging players to experiment and play around. Each level possessed its own sense of character, keeping the experience fresh. Planning paths to your victim, factoring in variables and chances of success. At its core, the stealth mechanics are wonderfully old school.

Traps offer the most devious method of murder. Observing the general layout of the map and people within it is key to success. Laying the perfect trap, triggering it with other elements creates a huge sense of satisfaction. There’s also the added benefit of bursting out laughing at the carnage created. Once you’ve seen a pizza based trap in effect, you can’t help but snigger.

Random events produce some of Party Hard’s finest, and most frustrating, moment. Your well laid plans can be shattered by the FBI suddenly turning up, who’ll take joy in tracking you down. This mechanic gives the whole game a fresh lick of paint every time you play, as well as spiking the difficulty. You could argue that the chips stack too much in the favour of the game, it all depends on how highly you value challenge.

Streamers will be able to offer their viewers the ability to influence the game. Chat inputs entered into Twitch’s chat box will allow viewers to type out commands, allowing them to vote on what horrible things will happen at the party. Viewers essentially play the part of a Dungeon Master, throwing events and enemies at the player, it’s always a threat.


Party Hard is a wonderful mix between crafting perfect plans and reacting to the resulting chaos. Characters react to events in the game, with some running around and others causing trouble. Sometimes they’ll start fighting each other, attracting the police, allowing the player to capitalize. It’s just one of the many joys Party Hard’s random gameplay can produce.


Fun, silly and hugely enjoyable, console owners should be excited by this news.

Sean Halliday

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