Nintendo: The Classic Alternative To Modern Games

Nintendo: The Classic Alternative To Modern Games

Looking at the shelves of a local video game store, I began to wonder what had changed. All these new releases, all of them boasting how cinematic they are, how much of a visual delight they promise to be. All I could see were titles with guns and peoples back on the box art, and the odd sports game. While the cinematic video game experience is a wonder to behold, with the likes of Uncharted leading the way, it does beg the question of what ever happened to ‘fun’ games?

Hidden away, in the corner of the store, hides the Nintendo consoles, most notably the Wii U. This section of the store was the only place where I could see games promising fun, inviting me to play, not just to experience. Seeing this corner of joy made me stand back and think about the role Nintendo has in the current market. While Nintendo may not be seen as ‘one of the next generation’ at this point in time, it hasn’t stopped them producing the best video game experience of this year. Nintendo is the alternative to the modern market, the place to go to simply enjoy video games as entertainment, a company that reminds us of the core value of video games has always been, fun.


It’s not that I don’t appreciate the tone of modern video games, far from it, it’s more that I’ve became jaded with the ‘gritty cinematic experience’ most games seem to pimp out at the moment. This is where Nintendo fit in nicely, I can simply sit down and play. There’s no prolonged cut scenes dishing out generic plot twists, no clumsy attempts to make a statement on today’s society, just gameplay and laughs. It’s oddly refreshing to sit down with the likes of Bayonetta 2 or Super Smash Bros and dive into the action straight away. Start and play, a notion that is increasingly becoming more rare in modern times.

Nintendo have always had the ability to craft video games that breakaway from trends and go back to the basics. While taking part in mass battles in the likes of Call of Duty or Battlefield is a thrilling experience, there’s nothing better than jumping into the latest Mario or Legend of Zelda. There’s a undeniable sense of joy that comes with each game, each level, each race, each Smash, each chest opened, it’s unmatched. It’s these moments that remind me why I enjoy video games, why I still bother with them after all these years.


As video games continue to evolve into more immersive experiences, more engaging and cinematic, Nintendo stand as a beacon of light, a powerful reminder that fun often trumps flashy visuals, or the latest gimmick. It’s impressive, though some would say unambitious, that Nintendo have remained true to their core values for all these years, it’s even more impressive that they continue to stay relevant. As 2014 comes to close, I can sit back and appreciate Nintendo for supplying all the joys that most modern video games have seemingly forgotten.


Sean Halliday

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  1. mt
    December 4, 2014, 8:55 pm

    Fun game are more on mobile, but I did see the Wii U consoles prominently displayed in stacks at Best Buy and they had a full Amiibo display out at Target.

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