New Map, Operators, Game Modes, Features and Attachments Coming to Rainbow Six: Siege

New Map, Operators, Game Modes, Features and Attachments Coming to Rainbow Six: Siege

The next update for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege is set to add a whole bunch of new content to the game.


Known as Operation Skull Rain, the update will add two new operators along with a new weapon attachments, map and game mode. Set in Brazil, the two new Operators are boasting some interesting abilities -


“Caveira is the defensive Operator of the two,” says Ubisoft. “As such, she possesses the “Silent Step” skill that enables her to sneak up on enemies to immobilize and then interrogate them to reveal their teammates’ location. Her arsenal includes an M12 and SPAS-15 for primary weapons, a PRB92 as a secondary, and Nitro Cell C4 and Barbed Wire for gadgets.

It’ll be interesting to see how Silent Step works within the content of the game’s existing mechanics. There’s plenty of abilities that kill enemy players on impact, as well immobillize them. Given players tend to stay in groups, just how many opportunities will Caveira get to pull off her ability? Even when she does, what’s to stop enemy players from gunning her down while she interrogates?


“As the attacker, Capitão carries a tactical crossbow that can fire asphyxiating bolts that burn oxygen within a certain radius, as well as micro smoke grenades that can mask positions and team movements. Capitão also has an M-249 and PARA-308 for primary weapon options, a PRB92 for secondary, and frag and stun grenades rounding her available arsenal.”

Capitao’s ability could prove to be one of the most useful in the game. Given the tight and narrow nature of many maps, the crossbow could cause some series damage. There’s the risk of taking out the hostage however, so be prepared to see some innocent flesh burn.

Ubisoft will also be adding the angled grip weapon attachment to improve hip fire, along with a surrender options for ranked matches. Tactical Realism Mode will also be added, removing the HUD, player spotting, hit markers and kill confirmations from the game. The only catch is this mode can only be played in custom matches.

The new map is being touted as ‘the most destructible’ in the game. It’ll be set in the Brazilian favela, so expect narrow spaces and plenty of shotgun action.


Operation Skull Rain is set for release July 30th.

Sean Halliday

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