New ‘Inclusive’ Video Game Site For Women & Minorities Set To Launch March 9th

New ‘Inclusive’ Video Game Site For Women & Minorities Set To Launch March 9th

Last year saw the closure of a number of websites covering video games. With more and more big name sites either downsizing, or closing all together, the launch of new projects gets peoples attention. is the latest site to be launched, backed by recognizable names.


Leigh Alexander (Gamasutra) and Laura Hudson (WIRED) are both spearing heading a new site that’s ” an inclusive site where games are for everyone”. The mission statement of reads as follows:

”Ever thought games might not be for you? Join us. Here, games are for you.

Offworld is a place for curious and playful grown-ups, where we can enjoy the endless possibilities of the 21st century’s greatest art form. We’re here to express our love of exploring new worlds, to talk to their creators, to share our discoveries, and imagine new frontiers to play in together.

This will be an unequivocal home for women and minorities, whose voices will make up most of the work published here. We’re central to the growth and development of this warm, brilliant, expressive medium.

Our doors officially open next Monday, March 9. The journey was long, but we made it, and this is our space. Welcome Offworld.


Leigh Alexander and Laura Hudson”

The site’s launch is sure to attract praise and criticism, either way it’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out within the next few months.

We tried to get some insight into the sites launch, but for some reason our twitter sources were all blocked, even though no previous contact had ever been made.


Sean Halliday

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