Need For Speed Rivals Made A Fan Out Of Me

Need For Speed Rivals Made A Fan Out Of Me

The fast speeds, the crazy crashes and special gadgets that you’d see in a future-based cop movie. Need For Speed Rivals is a wonderful installment in the Need For Speed series and it made me a faithful fan that will eagerly await the next installment into the series.

I’ll be honest with you, before Rivals the Need For Speed series was never on my radar. I’ve never been a big fan of the whole racing genre and NFS was just another fish in the pond.  I had been told that Rivals was a solid game, but again I usually stay away from racing games of any sort.

It almost seemed like fate. I didn’t go into GameStop looking to buy the game, hell, I didn’t go in to GameStop to buy any games at all. I was simply looking to just trade in my Xbox 360. Once I traded it in and was rung up the cashier tells me I would get around $150, but if I were to buy something, or put money down on something, I would get just about $211. I racked my brain thinking of what to buy. I was handed a list of PlayStations 4 games and having most of them, I was scanning it to find a glimmer of hope.

I eventually got to NFS Rivals and decided since it was worth the “free” price tag. I brought the game home, popped it in my PS4 and started my career as a cop. From that moment on I have been a huge fan of everything that Need For Speed Rivals has had to offer.

First off there’s the cars. As a cop, once you level up, you get a new car. These range anywhere from Lamborghinis to Ferraris . Once you get into the higher levels you really start to feel like a bad ass cop, busting criminals at insanely high speeds.

That brings me to my next point, the high speeds. This is something that has my hooked and keeps me coming back to NFS Rivals. Seeing the scenery whiz past me and the speedometer rise provides a rush that very few video games can do.

The controls are also a highlight of Rivals. This is the sort of game that would be destroyed by sloppy handling and yet the folks behind it nailed the controls. Every little shift of the analog sticks feels like you are moving the steering wheel just the same way and doing so makes drifting and 180 degree turns an easy task.

The overall fun factor of this game is just high. There isn’t a whole lot of substance in terms of story, but this isn’t the sort of game that needs to be story driven. The real fun that is to be had in Rivals is when you’re just driving around and something randomly happens. Whether it be a Racer speeding by and starting a pursuit, or another human driving by and challenging you, the fun is really found in the game play.

So I encourage you to give Need For Speed Rivals a chance. If you’re in the same boat I was I really think you won’t be disappointed. This game is well worth the $60 price tag and since there is a lack on next-gen titles on the market right now, why not pick up Rivals if you have the money?

Rich Drummond

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